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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geraint2k2, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. I've been a member of this forum for many years now, and although I took a magic hiatus for 2 years, I still read it at times.

    One things i've noticed is that people take themselves really seriously on here.
    Everyone is trying to prove they are better than the other, or more witty than the other, or perhaps more intelligent than their forum counterpart.

    It turns simple exchanges of opinion on a subject, into this crazy internet argument where someone will take
    an extract of a comment and pick it apart.

    Being a member of this forum should not be a competitive sport, we don't need to be so harsh and abrupt with people. We can make jokes, we can share material, we can help others out.... there is no trophy for knowing more, or being better here.

    When I was a beginner nobody would help me, members of magic societies are selective in what they teach you, as they don't want you taking their local business.
    I turned to the internet to teach me, and it introduced me to a lot of things.

    Let's stop taking ourselves so seriously, everyone has an opinion, and being able to deconstruct it isn't as worthwhile as sharing your own opinion.
    Everyone's different, everyone performs differently, likes different material, learns differently.

    I think it's time we stop moaning about 'youtube magicians' posting on these forums, and help them become great magicians.
    Or at least that's my goal..... growing up on a rough estate here in the UK, nobody was there to help me progress, and I want to change that.

    Let's all change that. We've got the collective knowledge of a master. So let's use it. That's why i'm here. Do you remember why you joined?

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    Everyone take note of Geraints post. For me, the crucial line, is the one highlighted above. Those who don't have their own opinion, take much pride in trying to crush someone elses. Instead of trying to make them look foolish, why don't you share your knowledge? Be nice. It doesn't cost a pretty a penny.

    For instance, if someone believes "exposing magic is a good thing", instead of trying to pick apart every word they say, be sincerely nice to them, try to see it from their point of view before answering (and really think about it) and then share your own opinion on the subject. Don't attack them.

    What gets to me, is that some of the most active users on this forum come across as really pretentious, arrogant and is if they know everything about magic (when they don't) and I bet in real life, they're pretty awesome fellas but their online personas just puts me right off them.

    We should look at it like this. Treat these forums as the lobby of a magic convention.

    Who wants to talk to the guy that's patronizing everyone!? No one does. Crack jokes, share new magic, relax, have fantastic healthy debate. C'mon! I want to spend more time here, these forums have gone fairly dormant and boring lately (I think because of the above aforementioned reasons). This is the most popular site on the net and it prides itself on not having a dictatorship style of rules like other places and we should embrace this with a big fat hug!

    I love this post that G has written, it needed to be said, it needed to be said a long time ago. So yeah, let's get this place brightened up. After all, 'tis the season!


    P.s. Mods, it'd be great if this could be "stickied" for a while.
  3. For the chicks. I give my opinion and help out where I can, when I'm not inundated with all my magic groupies.
  4. Considering this forum is only 4 years old you've been on hiatus for half the time. Also if you only read the forum 'at times', by your own admission, then on what grounds do you have to make general assumptions to the current state of the community or suggest reprimand to the people who are active in it?

    To be fair this is no different than any other social situation. Your going to have people compete for attention, people will voice opinions out of experience or ignorance, and one will always call out the other as it is the way of things.

    It turns simple exchanges of opinion on a subject, into this crazy internet argument where someone will take
    an extract of a comment and pick it apart.

    Being a member of this forum should not be a competitive sport, we don't need to be so harsh and abrupt with people. We can make jokes, we can share material, we can help others out.... there is no trophy for knowing more, or being better here.

    This is an unrealistic assesion of your local situation. Either that or any local pros you've spoken with are painfully near sighted! Any pro worth their paycheck knows that a new student posses absolutely no threat to them, and most local clubs don't shun new interests like that. I can't be certain but I have to ask how hard you looked before turning to the net as you say?

    This is going to sound like the most self gratifying egotistical thing I have ever said so please don't take it the wrong way. But I take myself seriously because I can and should. I am a working act. I dont just sit around my room doing card tricks for my webcam with the frame over my crotch. I'm out in the real world working for real people. If I ever sound harsh about something it may be impart your interpretation of my text or it's vecause I want you to pay close attention to what I'm saying.

    You really go out of your way to make sweeping comments about something that is broken and only point out one account. YouTube is t the only issue that gets moaned about here. Criss Angel threads, best product threads, why wasn't my X accepted threads, and the occasional white knight posts also clog up things with their presence.

    Like it or not this is life. I don't think we need to make the playground completely childproof as the occasional scrape or cut not only teaches lessons but it also builds character. The nice thing about the forums is if you don't like me or why I say then don't listen to me! However my social obligations to how I behave here is limited only to the forum rules. I, and others like me who this thread may be considered targeting, generally DO try to help people here. It is a rare and sad day when I encounter someone I truly can do nothing for.
  5. I want a beer with this guy :D ^^^

  6. Case and point.... William Draven. Thanks for your reply.
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    Not a problem happy to help. You think I'm picking you apart but I'm not. You just happened to post a huge message, with multiple points of interests, and I want to address them all. It's not picking you apart, it's just giving each of your points the time and consideration I think they deserve.

    Look man, I get your point and I agree to a certain extent. Yes we all should try and help out others and progress the art, but I really don't think the situation is all THAT bad off. Most of the elephants in the room, myself included, are helpful and try to be.
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    Wow... I've heard of missing the point but this is like Stephen Hawkin trying to teach me how to breakdance. Not right on too many levels.

    In short: The point being made was; This place has become overly serious, pretentious, patronizing with a lot of misguided arguments being fired up over a single sentence in a post. All we want to do is take it back to at least the status of a normal forum where people aren't thrown to the wolves for not having matching opinions.

    William, I don't know why you are so counter productive? You've tried to argue against every single point that Geraint has made. Which is a key part to this entire case in hand. We need to stop doing things like this, we're not lawyers, we're magicians.

    I assume (and I stress "assume") that maybe you felt targeted from his post. I assure you, you wasn't. I've read helpful posts from you. But the point still stands as a whole, that these forums have gotten more of a keyboard warrior minefield than the hang out of a local magic store, of which it should be.

    Let us ALL help when we can and have fun. That's ALL we should be doing.
  9. Look man, it's unrealistic to post some epic message, make several points, and then expect people to just respond to the entire thing without considering each point that is made. That's not how discussions are handled in the real world, and it's usually not how it works here.

    If you take the time to type out a multi point message, then I am going to show you respect by taking the time to consider each point you make, and then if I agree (or disagree) with it then I'll reply as such.

    Further by swearing, which you know full well is against the rules and I will call you out on it, you're not helping your position at all.

    You I think are also missing my point. I agree that we should be helping each other here. I just don't think we need a white knight to play moral police. We have enough of them as it is.
  10. William, you are still off by one. The swearing and the Stephen Hawkin joke was to lighten the mood in here. I've been here since the very first minute since Theory11 went live. I'm fully aware of the rules and would appreciate it if you did not try to be so condescending when stating them next time.

    In the actual real world, when someone makes a case for or against anything in conversation, normal people have the capacity to take the argument in as a whole, evaluate it, form their own opinion and decide whether to concur or disagree. Then, give an answer as a whole.

    The nit picking is what takes a debate, tears it apart and then destroys it.

    Geraint has never said or come across as white night, he simply, without any arrogance, stated a few of the things that have spoilt this forum and given his thoughts on what needs to be done to change them. Every time you respond, you are championing Geraints post.

    The correct thing to do now, is to stop the arguing and get these forums back on track... Let's see what happens.
  11. I see what is going on here. Epic post to follow in a thread of its own in short time.
  12. Says it all.

    I literally won't even be opening that thread because i know what you are going to attempt to say. Sorry.

    To everyone messaging me, thank you for your support, I'm glad that there's only one person on the wrong page here.

    Let's start making the change... NOW!

  13. What you on about William, you love making white knight posts! Wasn't it you that made a post and no one replied so you replied to yourself asking what's the point in trying to help people when no one replies? I think you're just jealous Geraint beat you to it.

    Less negativity from you please sir.
  14. Gentleman,
    I am not here to give the "can't we all get along" speech. The profanity will not be tolerated and his post was edited. Fellas, everyone is here for the same reason: We all live and breath magic and want it to be a part of our life and share it will those around us. We have to keep into perspective that there are many inexperienced members present and some of us who perform semi-professionally or professionally.
    It is easy for some of us, myself included at times, to seem like "know-it-alls" but that is because a few of us have been through the ropes and know what we are talking about. (or at least have a pretty good idea). When a post comes up that a another member has experience with, it only feels right to try and share our knowledge albeit sometimes it may seem a little forceful. I for one do not know EVERYTHING there is to know about magic and that is why when I see new things and hear new perspectives, I try to keep and open mind and listen.
    I agree that Theory11 needs to be a place of fun and excitement as we enjoy our craft. There can be things to laugh about and times to be silly, but when the maturity gets a little out of control, then we need to step back refocus. I'm not mad or pointing fingers at anyone so please don't think that. Thread Closed and Let's start to think about the Magic of Christmas coming upon us and doing some magic for those around us. I would like nothing more than to log into the Media section and see a plethora of Christmas magic performances.
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