Ring Heist by Marcus Eddie

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  1. [size=+2]Ring Heist[/size] - Marcus Eddie

    I decided to write up a quick review of Marcus Eddie's Ring Heist on Ellusionist.

    Quality: We're all used to T11 quality vids, and Ellusionist has never been fantastic quality, but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality rivaled Theory 11 easily, very very nice.

    Teaching: It's Marcus Eddie. Yea.

    Effect: The effect is quite nice. He gives credit where credit is due, pointing out that Russell Leeds does a similar effect. I prefer Marcus's handling better, and feel it's a bit more practical as the bands are on your wrist, instead of a pile on the table. Very practical nice effect. The angles (when in the actual effect) are ridiculously good. Totally angle proof. The setup and clean up aren't, but you shouldn't have any issues with them, Marcus gives good advice for performing it all in front of an audience.
    I feel this is one of those tricks that magician's are just going to love performing just for themselves, cause' it's just so freak'n cool looking. Even in your own hands, it looks great. You can even borrow a spectators ring, nice.

    Overall: If you like the looks of the trick, you're gonna like the method (most likely). This is a steal for the price guys. I mean come on, five bucks, really? This is a fantastic deal for a great download. Buy it here.

  2. Simple in mechanics, but mannnnnn does that look cool! I really like his touches with the second band... Looks sick!
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    Yea, the subtleties with the second band we well thought out, and very convincing. Like I said, he even goes over some good advice on doing it all in front of an audience. It's much more practical than the russell leeds effect. Marcus's is more of a standup version, while russell's requires you to carry around a pile of bands in you pocket, and you use a table (I suppose you could use a specs hand).
  4. for some reason i cannot add that, or armband to my cart...
    it says it has been added, but is nowhere to be found :(
  5. I didn't have that problem with Ring Heist, but when I tried to add Armband, it did what you said. Try sending ellusionist an email with your problem.
  6. Solid, definitely picking this one up. Did you get U turn by chance?
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I really hope you use this effect. You'll have a lot of fun with it! Look out for more magic soon (not rubber bands)!
  8. Sorry for not replying sooner, I didn't see this. Anyway, I didn't get U turn. It looks great, but I already spent thirty bucks for Five, which has Stairway on it, which is basically the same thing (U turn is just a small variation). I think I prefer the looks of Stairway better anyway.

    @Marcus: Awesome, I can't wait to see more magic!
  9. I read the same routine (with other touches) in the dg lecture notes and to be honest the ending of the routine in the notes is a lot stronger and very visual but ive been using ring heist/ stretch in my repertoire for about a year i love it. But the vanish in stretch was probably what made me start doing the routine in the first place. When i watched DG do it it looked like real magic.
  10. In the DG notes, does he grab one of the bands and make one vanish or something? That's a cool idea.
  11. No he makes the ring vanish!(even cooler) but he also does make the second band vanish before he vanishes the ring
  12. That is cool. I'll have to check that out.

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