Saturday Night Contest - Keep The Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Hope this is in time! This is my first SNC.

    Your boy,

    EDIT: the link is still processing
  2. 31 minutes late unfortunately, an hour and five minutes if you count processing time. Don't sweat it, there will be others, We've all done this. (I know I have anyway)

    Yep, so true. Unfortunately that's how I (and almost every other magician these days) learned it back when I was starting magic, and I just can't break the habit. The free 1-ON-1 on theory11 is THE BEST SOURCE. LEARN IT THERE OR YOU WILL BE SCREWED FOR LIFE!
  3. Seriously!?! Awww dang it! I guess I got my time zones mixed up :p
    Guess I'll wait until next week, but I was really looking forward to this one, color changes are my thing :D
  4. Nice Video Davey. The patter was good. Like before your erdnase could use a bit more work, but I like the overall idea. I would only say work on not trying to be "mysterious," unless thats what your going for. The whole perception/psychological concept was good, but it seemed to me you went all mysterious man on us.

    Good job, keep it up!

    Your boy,
  5. ahh! Over an hour and 15 minutes and no results. Im itching to see unknownmagician93 take home the prize. although kingjames23 had a very good one too. ;)
  6. Before I announce the winner, I'd first like to acknowledge UnknownMagician93 for his submission. You made this a close one!

    After MUCH review, however, (and this was a tough one) - the winner tonight is Unleasher for his submission HERE. Some very creative color changes were demonstrated, and bonus points for shooting it all on the iPhone. Impressive man.

    Thanks to all who participated. Unleasher - enjoy the 125's! :)
  7. Wow I thought for sure UnknownMagician was going to win!
    Congrates Unleasher! Your video was pretty amazing (the goat changed sealed it lol)

    Good job everyone else!

    Your boy
  8. congratulations unleasher great job. Enjoy the decks!
  9. woow thanks a lot , congrats to everyone, im quite stunned...

    thanks to everyone! keep up the good work

  10. You were alittle over an hour late actually :).

    I would have loved to be here but the timezone is not too good.
    Getting up at 4 am is not my cup of tee and as i see its not others cup of thee either.
    I remember when the SNC threads were filled, like 30 pages filled.

    Should start practicing waking up at 4 then :).

  11. Glade to see someone finally use "El Cambio-nada" but you need to work on it. To fast with the waves which gives away the change.
  12. Thanks for the shout out Raiker;)

    Congrats Unleasher! Enjoy the cards bro!

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