Saturday Night Contest - Keep The Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Wow! I agree to agree with 'Creeper' here. I also checked out your site and if that's what you define as "good magic" I highly doubt you'd get hired. But just keep working at it.
  2. ian, sorry to say, but your had way to many flashes. i would say refilm but since there are 27 minutes left i wouldnt rush myself.
  3. My submition, ciao for now.

    Good luck to all and to whoever win congrats.
  4. There are some tricks in here, but filmed it mainly for color changes. Isn't my best work, but saw this post about 30 minutes ago (I always forget about the SNCs) and decided to throw this out. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy.
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  6. mine

    So...not my best video ever, but its the saturday night of a five day weekend, what else is a man supposed to do? Nice to finally get Final Cut working again too :cool:

    thanks, and good luck to all
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    Here is my entry, it's a routine with a double lift, Erdnase Change, and Shapeshifter. I through the routine together in a couple of minutes:

    The Vimeo link is still processing.

    It's not my best, but I like it. Please watch it with the sound on because it took me a lot of take to not screw up my patter which I worked so hard in the seven minutes before I started filming :) My voice was a bit off because my nose has been stuffed up.
  8. This is my entry :cool: for the T11 Saturday Night Contest 11/28/09 Enjoy and good luck to all.

    This is the Submission.

    Once again Good luck ;)
  9. *Listens to classic rock, Metallic "Ride the lightning" cd, and imagines he is Kirk Hammett*
    Can't wait to see who wins, I like the fun in these, been to serious here lately.
  10. You didn't let the song get to the best part, "He say, ONE and ONE and ONE is three. Got to be good lookin' 'cause he's so hard to see!" You never cut off the fab four bro, never :)
  11. Hey DaveyG, I really liked that. I just gotta say one thing that bugs me in so many performances of the Erdnase. The card is protruding past your fingertips, and it's soooooo obvious that your pushing the top card forward. If you cover the entire card, and minimize the pushing forward, it looks ten times better. Nice job though!


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