Saturday Night Contest - Objectry Challenge : Round Two

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. just about to film and for hangover love it mike tyson singing classic
  2. My video is processing. It will be a thirty-minute wait.
  3. The Hangover was awesome. As for this, I'd participate, but I really have no idea, or a camera. :(
  4. Great movie, but we all need to accept that the best movie to come out this year (so far) was Star Trek. (At least that's my opinion, you can like whatever movie you want.) Also, no need to start an argument, just my superior taste. :rolleyes:
  5. omg so much harder than i thought it would be lol
  6. Quick Question
    Do we actually need to perform the moves succesfully or can it just be a cardistry video showing the move. So for example... lets say a display, does it need to show us getting into it successfully or can it just be the final moment.
    Gon be hard... :[
  7. Very cool, looks like it took a long time to make.
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    Yeh here is my entry
  9. Mine's going to be awesome!!! It's still uploading.:D

    LOL!!! I loved it!!! :D
  10. So my vid is a bit interesting lol. The first one is cd's than after is actually mini skate boarding which i like to consider it objectery than we have some candlestry, and after that I decided to add a nice touch with homerun baseballs I hit and than cell phone manipulation! Good luck to every one! By the way hangover is a classic, and never doubt ALAN!


  11. Haha, love when you didn't know what you were doing. It looked like a sandwhich cobra cut to me.:D
  12. christt once i saw the cobra with the pbj i gave up on live

  13. This friggin kid Manipulates Manipulation, Period.
  14. one thing i need to say: never cut that hair everrr
  15. thats not hair, he is doing mop manipulation with his head
  16. Sorry, I'm cutting it very soon. It was a Junior High thing.

    All my hopes of winning just died. :confused:

    Anything is better than my cell phone manipulation!
  17. Pokemon ftw

    well I was trying to think of some ideas for mine, but since I am terrible at flourishing I decided to go towards the comedy route and take a couple of us back to the days of playing pokemon all day. (maybe that was just me lol) well anyways enjoy the slight manipulation of some classic GBA pokemon games. 5 different versions.

    P.S. Sounds kind of bad quality you might need to turn up the volume.

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