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  1. Since this is v1, what is still to come?
  2. I think he has already answered that.Since everyone always aks him that.
    Either on a roundtable discussion or maybe in a thread.
  3. What time is it easter now? How much longer?
  4. umm what exactly is the contest? the title is saturday night contest, but there is no contest
  5. i really want the answer of this one :)
  6. What do D&D as well as Alejandro both talk about?
  7. 30 moves, 4 hours, so that's about 8 minutes of teaching per move, or is it...? Will some moves be short, and other moves take around 15 minutes to learn, or are they all about 8 minutes to learn?

    Will the DVD be taught for right-handed people as well, or how did you overcome this obstacle?

    How does GENESIS differ from another cardistry DVD - other than the fact that it has so many moves on it?

    What is your favorite move on GENESIS?

    30 moves is a lot, so will the next DVD's be combining the essentials, and making them into routines, or will they be completely new moves?

    Much respect to you Andrei.

    The best,

  8. will there be any magic video from andrei in future after genesis v1?
  9. Hope this gonna be a great v1 from Andrei ! Good Work
  10. why should i buy genesis?
  11. Seconded. :)

    When did you first start work on the project? When did you first come up with the idea (for the project)?
  12. did you speak Español(spanish) with TheCuso!??
  13. what are you dressing up as this halloween?

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    Hey Andrei,

    I'm a righty, but I am like you in cardistry and magic, and I use my left hand. I feel like sometimes it puts me at disadvantages while learning the flourishes or tricks. So that leads me to my first question....

    Question 1:

    Do you feel like being lefty put you to any disadvantages while learning or praticing card flourishes/magic?

    Question 2:

    What is the most difficult move on this dvd?

    EDIT: Sorry I posted this at like 10:30 so it won't be in the podcast.
  15. Why are you so awesome( I mean JB)? Just kidding.

    Is one of the volumes going to show appicaltions of the Backpack?
  16. what, do you think, have set yourself apart from others?

    and based on what did you name your flourishes/cuts?
  17. Podcast has been posted - listen to it now here. Inside, we discuss what to expect in Genesis v1 - as well as what will be contained in the next two volumes. We answered as many of your questions tonight as possible - definitely check it out!

    GENESIS v1 by Andrei Jikh is now released.

    Smoke & Mirrors v3 by Dan and Dave are now released.
  18. So should I be receiving an email soon because I won the Behind the Back SNC before. (just a reminder to JB and the Theory11 staff.)
  19. In the trailer video it says Genesis was shot in "True HD". Is there any way to download or purchase an HD copy as it obviously won't be true HD on a DVD disc. Thanks! :D
  20. Check your email brotha.

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