Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

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  1. In this new world of internet technology, would you prefer to go back to the old ways with learning coming from the books, or are you satisfied with where the art is going?

    Also, what's it like to be friends with Chris Kenner? Seems like a good guy to go out for a drink with haha.
  2. What is YOUR favorite effect on RICE PAPERS? WHY?
  3. Have you received any inspiration of effects from watching the 2010 Winter Olympics?
  4. How did you get into magic?!
  5. 1. What is the most difficult coin sleight that you have come across?

    2. What resources do you recommend for beginners in coin magic?

    3. Who, in your opinion, is the most influential coin worker in magic?

  6. Homer the king of coins

    what was the first trick that inspired you to start doing magic(coins,cards,rubber bands...)
  7. What do you enjoy most about magic?
    What reminds you of a magic trick but is not really a trick (like a song or movie)?
    What gets your inspiration?
  8. Hey Homer Simpson...I mean Homer Liwag,

    1. I love how your work is so fluid and free-flowing. What is the process for practicing a new effect or your own effect?

    2. We all know how Asians automatically rock. How did you make CoinONE one of the most beautiful coin effects of all time? How was it different than other coins-across routines?

    3. What was the funniest occurrence that happened while either shooting a new DVD or working for David Copperfield? Fill us in.

    Good luck with all of your future projects that are to come, especially Rice Papers. Can't wait to see how those effects look.

    Now we all make mistakes, but that pass in the Blooper real was an EPIC FAIL. I almost shat myself after laughing so hard! You crack me up Homer. You really do.


    Casey Rudd
  9. How has magic changed your life?

    How many dvd's have you been on?

    Are you as good with cards as you are with coins?
  10. 1. How often do you work on practising, creating and performing magic when your not working for David? Is it constantly or on and off as your job is magic.

    2. Why did you choose to release rice papers on DVD and do you have any additions from the original set of notes?

    3. Do you like rice and what do you like to eat with it?

    Im sure this will be a great roundtable tonight! Looking forward to listening :)
  11. How long have you and Chris Kenner been bestest buddies?
  12. Round Table Discussion- Homer Liwag

    1. What would you have been if you were not a magician?

    2. Who is your favorite magician of all time?

    3. Do you practice everyday?

  13. What do you think of a magicians standards in general? Lazy, Productive, things like that.

    Who is your favorite magician to see performing?

    Why are you into magic?
  14. 1) How do you feel the best way to practice is?
  15. Homer,
    1. What is usually the beginning to your creative process? Do you usually start any material you create by thinking about an effect you want to accomplish, or a series of moves you would like to incorporate into an effect.

    2. Many know you as a coin magician, so how did the Rice Papers, with its varied and unique effects, come about?

    3. Do you prefer pure ungimmicked coin magic, or shell work or other coin gimmicks?
  16. 2) What drives YOU to keep performing this art?
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Here are mine,

    What is your number one work horse effect?

    Where did you get the insperation for the tricks in your upcoming The Rice Papers Dvd?

    Will we being seeing more of your work released in the future?

    Thank you for your time,

  18. 1. What do you feel gives your magic a modern apeal?
    2. What kind of influence or support did you recieve when first statring magic?
    3. Do you have any new magical goals?
  19. What is the thinking process that you have when approaching a trick? When you create a new trick do you think of the mechanics first or the general idea of the trick first?
  20. what got you into magic? who was your biggest influence when you were starting? how long have you been doing magic?

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