Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

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  1. 1) There is a distinct look and feel in the Rice Papers trailer that I would guess pervades the DVD project. Both CoinONE and CoinTWO also have distinct themes. How were you inspired to give Rice Papers the look and feel that it has, and what is your creative process in coming up with a theme for each project that you've done?
    2) What's on your must-read list for coin magicians?
    3) What words would you use to describe your particular style of coin magic? What are some of your influences in this field?
  2. It seems almost all of coin magic uses age old techniques, and rarely do we see someone hit hard with a new sleight, unlike card magic, where there is a new "revolutionary" move every my question is, what in your opinion is the most innovative coin sleight created or published in the past decade? (2000-2010)

    Do you think it is neccessary to have a mentor in magic? I don't live near any experienced magicians or anyone who can help me out, and thats discouraging considering all the guys who have "made it" so to speak had another great magician or magicians helping them the whole way. Could you elaborate on this?

    My final question is, if you had no hands, would you still do magic? Mentalism? Anything? Thank you very much for your time,
  3. 1-What did you like the most in coin magic
    2-What are your feeling when you perform
    3-Where the idea of Rice Papers come ?
  4. What are the pros and cons of card magic and coin magic, and in what situations should they be used?

    Which do you prefer (coin or cards) and why?

    What was the inspiration for the Rice Papers and your other works?
  5. Questions

    1) What coin effect do you most enjoy performing?

    2) Who are your influences?

    3) What hooked you to coin magic?
  6. 1) Who are your biggest influences i magic?

    2) Do you have any tips in creating good effects?

    3) What do you think is the best magic trick that you have created or the best one that you perform to get good reactions?
  7. How did you get your coins to look like they do (how did you age them?).

    Boxers or Briefs?

    Classic pass or Herman pass?
  8. 1. Do you have a coin preference (as in, type of coin--Morgan Silver Dollar, Walking Liberty, Peace Dollar, etc)? If so, why? And if not, why not?
  9. 2. Is there going to be anything extra added to the DVD version of The Rice Papers that wasn't in the notes? For example, modified handlings, extra little explanations or nuances, etc.
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    1) will any of the props needed for the routines in the rice papers be included with the dvd?

    2) Chris has commented how odd it is your known as a coin magician, and how he see's you more as a random object mystifier. What kind of magic is your favorite to perform and create and why? do you find it funny also?

    3) Sith lord of magic, or Jedi Master of Illusion?
  11. Do you present your magic as being impossible, or as simply being skill, or do you let you audience decide.....?

    Do you support improvisational magic, or do you prefer a strict routine...?

    Is there a move that you use so much that you wish you invented it???
  12. 1. When it comes to performing magic, what is your approach? and I don't mean, how do you approach someone.
    2. Where do you see magic in the near future? better? worse? relatively the same? Taken over by evil robots?
    3. What are you?!?! (sorry, just watched the rifftrax episode of terminator)
  13. Hi Mr. Liwag,

    1) What books on magic (coins, cards, etc.) do you recommend.

    2) Do you prefer using strictly slight of hand with coins, or do you incorporate gaffs?

    3) if you do use gaffs, in what circumstances do you think it is best to use them, how do you prefer to ring them in and out of an effect.

    Thanks for your time,
  14. 1) As an aspiring engineer (looking at industrial design as a possible major), your history with magic and engineering is very interesting to me. How has the information you learned while studying industrial design, or at least the logic and principles you might have used in the field, helped you design illusions? I imagine it would have had a profound impact on your approach to stage magic, specifically.

    2) You also seem to have a history with video production and graphic design (both of which I also happen to love). How have these passions influenced your passion for magic?

    3) Do you think it is possible to study, earn a degree, and maintain a career (in a relatively time consuming field such as engineering, or even medicine) and still help progress the magic community, by contributing original effects, etc? An exceptional example that quickly comes to my mind is Guy Hollingworth... but not everyone can be so awesome =(
  15. its very nice to see Rice Paper on DVD.. I already have the Rice Paper book..

    1) Which Magician most influence you into magic ?

    2) Coin One & Coin Two are awesome.. What's your next project gonna be ?

    3) How long you recommend us to pratise coin to master Coin One & Coin Two ?
  16. 3. Working with David Copperfield must be a great experience. Is there anything in particular (any stories, certain tidbits of information, advice, etc) that you've learned while working with him that you would like to share, particularly something that has helped you grow as a magician and/or person?

    Thanks. :)
  17. 1.) Out of today's magicians, who do you look up to the most?
    2.) How long does it take you to come up with something new?
    3.) Would you ever have a ninja battle with Chris Kenner?
  18. Will there be a cointhree
  19. 3) Is there anything that fascinates or interests you (magic or non-magic wise)?
  20. 1.i have a hard time finding a presentation to fit the coin material i do. so my question is how do you present your coin magic? is it a demonstration on invisible sleight of hand? or a story to it? or something totally different?

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