Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

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  1. where do you think the art of coin magic is going? with the ease of the internet. the difficulty and effort coin magic requires sometimes causes it to get passed over for something easier.
  2. 1. When you perform, do you try to make your magic look effortless and it's just happening to you, or do you try to make the audience recognize it's you who is doing sleight of hand to accomplish the effect?

    2. A lot of people think buying new material will make their magic better, and sometimes this can be true. However, do you have any quick tips or advice that we can follow to make our magic have a stronger impact on our audience?

    3. If you had to choose, would you say you're a magician, an entertainer, or a sleight of hand artist?
  3. if you could change one thing about the magic world. anything! in the magic world. from how forums are moderated to how much history/theory is studied. what would it be?
  4. I second these two questions, and I reject your third and substitute it with my own.

    Do you think a coin magician (in modern times) could go their entire career using only what is taught in Bobo's book on coin magic?
  5. What are your Favorite effects, Cards and coins.

    Effects that you like to preform and get amazing reactions.

    thanks :)
  6. Also when is this going to be recorded?
  7. good idea. that way theres no "but i asked that question to!"
  8. I know I'm late for the contest, but my birthday is Monday so I want a one of them there CD's of magic for free.

    Just kidding... :D
  9. Awwww. I was on the road and I missed the deadline.

    I WOULD have asked:

    1. I'm a big fan of your photography. You obviously know your way around a camera. I just bought a Canon 7D. Do you know where I put the film? I'm flummoxed!!!

    2. There are rumors that you guys have been working on some new illusions for the David Copperfield magic illusion show. Please give us a one word hint about the plot of a "in the works" effect.

    3. Do you like caramel corn? If not, what's wrong with you?

    Your HUGEST fan (not huge as in amount of fandom, but in actual tonnage)
  10. 1- do we get a signed bowl of rice when we order The Rice Paper DVD
    2-Do you think that The globalization affects magic in a good way?
    3- What are your thoughts on the adaptation of coin moves in card magic and/or vice-versa.

    Sorry that's all i could think of :p
  11. Great questions tonight! As mentioned, Homer has an extremely busy work schedule, so we tried to get to as many questions as we could within the time we had available. The result is a 20 minute podcast covering topics like the creative process, industrial design, and Homer's professional and creative influences. Check it out!

    Tonight's randomly selected winner is AsherF in Colorado for his post here.

  12. Congrats AsherF!!!

    Am looking forward to listening to this!......
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    Congrats AsherF, and congrats to everyone else (having all those questions answered makes us all winners). :)

    I'm enjoying it, so far...can't wait to hear it all the way through. :)

    Edit: After having listened to it all the way through, I can say that I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge shared by Homer Liwag. Definitely awesome that he'd donate his time to do that. Thanks man! :)
  14. Oh my goodness. I had to double and triple check to be sure. This means the world to me. Seriously. Not exactly sure what to say but thank you all... I'm never the luck of the draw!
  15. Enjoyed listening! And congratulations AsherF!
  16. Congrats AsherF!

    I asked the question about where coin beginners can start because after 4 1/2 years of card magic, I've decided to start doing a little coin work recently. I'm about half way through with Bobo's book and it's so great. As always, this podcast was great and I can't wait for more.
  17. Congrats man!
  18. Hey.
    First time my question has been answered.
    Thanks for the answer Homer.
    Producing DVD sounds like a *****... haha looking forward to Rice Papers.

    PS. it is pronounced "scif-ee-dof"
  19. Just a note that this roundtable discussion has been added to our archive page at the link below. If you were having any trouble playing it before, this should resolve it. This counts our 31st roundtable discussion podcast - wowza! At an average length of 30 minutes, that means there is over 15 hours of content on one single page:
  20. Anybody know what the "little something extra" is?

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