Saturday Night Contest - The Lucky Magic Lotto

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. 10 of hearts.

    i dont really like this because its not about your magic and only 52 people can enter
  2. Best of luck to everyone who managed to get a guess the waiting game...
  3. people are till gonna keep guessing even though there are no cards left.
  4. 8 of spades
  5. Queen of Spades :)
  6. HEY I HAVE THE TEN OF HEARTS,, hehe anyway just stop and wait
  7. How bout jokers ? :p
  8. yeah man people guessing after theyve all been guessed.. lol
  9. I think Im gonna go read Richard Kauffmans coin magic until the winner is choosen.....Son of mutated hair in my milk!!!!!!! :eek:
  10. They've been guessed already, twice. ;)
  11. wait I just changed mine.
  12. removed for posterity's sake.
  13. Maybe it should be top or bottom card so another 52 can enter?
  14. This is nonsense. 52 cards in a deck, all of them are said multiple times. A bit of a desingflaw. Maybe taking the guys and gals who posted the card and play another wheel of fortune.

    7 of diamonds, my favourite card since day 1. I actually have a 7of diamonds from one of my first deck proffessional cards.


    PS. Typing with iPod touch, ftw.
  15. The double back card...
  16. Four of Diamonds
  17. 6 of diamonds
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