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    Hey I'm Jake from New Jersey,
    Magic has impacted my life like you would never imagine. Before magic came along i was not outgoing at all. I did not even have that many friends to be honest. It was really sad in a way. The first effect i ever came into seeing was not on tv nor was it a magic show. It was actually a kid in my grade named Jake as well. He showed me a trick called the two card monte. Once I saw those two cards in my hand the whole time switch to different cards it changed the way i thought forever. I literally once i knew how to do it showed anyone I possibly could.

    I amazed people who I have never even talk to. ever. This made me want to learn more and more tricks similar to the two card monte as I figured out it is most used by David Blaine. So I looked into him and he became my favorite magician. I learned more of his tricks and moved outside the box into more general magic like rubber band type tricks. Every time I showed someone if I didn't make a new friend I would atleast feel like I had gained their respect.

    Magic for the rest of that year was incredible meeting people to show the tricks to. Who doesn't like magic? seriously. Yet I felt almost lonely in a way as if I couldnt relate my talent with cards to other people except Jake from my grade. So I looked all around and bumped into theory11. This site just stepped my game up in magic more than it ever could. I have made friends through this site who do similar tricks as me so they are able to help out on what to do better, as I am able to teach them as well. I actually have met people such as Dan, you may know him as Polymon or Jack Webster and it was such a privlage as I said on how we could be able to share similar intrests, and all this happened through one website!

    For the last 2 months I will come out and be honest to you saying that I had taken a little break. Actually I thought it was more like I was finished with performing. Yet I didn't want to the love for it started to fade away. Someone then told me that they have had the same experience and it will deffinetley come back. That it did. I now hope to get a little bit more involved with the site and forums as I have suddenly seen why I loved performing so much in the past. When I perform all the attention is on me. I feel like I am in a black room with light just shining on me. There is nothing I love more. Than as a bonus I get the reactions at the end. It is like the sweet cherry on top!

    As we all are aware summer is coming up very soon! I am thrilled as I am sure many other people are too. What got my even more driven towards magic is now I have been hired for my first entertaining job. It's a start! I will be walking around performing for many different tables being able to show people what I love! I hope this will only bring me good things in the future and I could value magic and use it later in life.
  2. My name is Rick Everhart and I am from Louisville, Ohio. I am currently 32 years old and have been an elementary school teacher for the past 10 years. I am married and have two young children, Cade and Taydem.

    As a young child, I vividly remember walking up to our small color television set, mom and dad watching me, touching the screen and moving from square to square. David Copperfield had captivated me like no other. How could he possibly have known which square I would be pointing to last? Little did I know that 20 years later I would walk up on his stage, shake his hand and witness his 13 person transportation effect firsthand. It was like we had been reunited with that same familiar smile and twinkle in his eyes. It took me straight back to my childhood state as the adrenaline rushed through my veins. This was the true feeling of magic.

    Magic has been such as crucial part of my life. From small things like purchasing my first set of D'lites in Myrtle Beach, to proposing to my wife with a drawer box, magic has shaped and molded me into the human being that I am today. Meeting people and creating memories that will forever be etched in their mind, brings a smile to my face. Screams, laughter, tears, and sheer silence are all signs that I am entertaining my audience and taking them to a place where anything is possible. What you see is what you get. Performing close up magic has been so rewarding to me as I have performed at wedding receptions, church functions, charity events, birthday party gigs and multi-handicapped children camps. It isn't about the money. It is about providing an unexplainable experience for people and making a difference in their lives.

    It is imperative that people understand the power of magic as a motivational tool. I can break barriers with troubled children in my classroom that other teachers can't even comprehend. Each and every Friday my 4th grade classroom enjoys a magic effect if all of their homework has been completed and they have displayed exceptional behavior. My students want to believe, achieve, and succeed just so they don't let the rest of the class down to earn the Friday magic effect.

    I also believe that magic has made me a lifelong learner. Late nights reading Strong Magic, Maximum Entertainment, or Pure Effect have made my mind grow in multitudes. Watching DVDs or practicing card sleights until the wee hours of the morning only to wake up in the morning to torn and not-restored cards laying all over the floor is worth every minute of it.

    Next summer I will be taking my children down to Myrtle Beach and I hope to take my son and daughter into the magic shop and buy them each their first effect.
    I hope that the "magic" will be passed down so that they too can experience what all magic has done for me.
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    What does magic mean to me? It means a shared interest and bond with my older brother, one that would likely not exist were it not for magic.

    My brother and I have not lived together, or even near each other for a very long time (we have lived apart since I was 8 years old; I'm 23 now). And when we finally moved within visiting distance of each other, we noticed a disconnect. We didn't have the shared experiences most brothers have. He didn't get to teach me how to play sports or teach me about girls, like most older brothers do for their younger sibling. We grew up worlds apart, and found we had few shared interests. He was the outgoing type, tons of friends, loves to be the center of attention. I'm the introverted type, a great listener, but never the center of attention. It was as though I had lost my brother back when I was only 8 years old.

    For at least a year since moving within visiting distance it seemed like there was little for us to connect with. That is, until our mother bought my brother and I tickets for a David Copperfield show for Christmas. My brother and I were both ecstatic! But seemed like a happiness beyond what the average layperson would show. Rather, it seemed like he had a certain spark in his eye--the same type that I had upon laying eyes on those tickets. "You're a magic fan?" I asked him. "Fan? I love performing magic at my restaurant!" he replied. This was our bond; I felt it then and there.

    From that point on, we have spent a lot more time together, bonding, becoming close, like brothers should. We continue to help each other grow as magicians, and more importantly, as people. He has been putting on magic shows in his restaurant (every performance has been a sellout thus far--I'm extremely happy for him to have that sort of success, especially because he lives in such a small town), and has even invited me to perform as a special guest (I'll be performing my own shows there, eventually; time has yet to permit such a thing for me). We finally found the catalyst that has led us to support each other so much, in our magical endeavors, and with so much more.

    So, again, what does magic mean to me? Magic means I finally got to have my brother back. And that means the world to me.

    ~ Scott (Ontario, Canada)
  4. Magic was something I first found fun. At first it was something that made me think in a different way then usual. I'v always have loved things that I considered "impossible" or just something a "normal" person couldn't do. Then i saw David's street magic special and that is when basically my life had changed. I remember that my first trick I wanted to learn was the two card monte and at the time I didn't really know where to go to find out how to do it so I did what many people did before me, youtube it. I finally found a video that taught me how but before I could do the trick I first had to learn how to preform the double lift. At the time I was young and showed my mom every 2 seconds and asked her if she saw something and her reply was " I saw something". Ever since then I strived to do the best I could even though at first I didnt have a lot of money to actually go out and buy all these dvd's that i really wanted.
    From then on, I kept at it. It was something I began to love and began to strive to achieve better. So what I did was go online, and find different websites that people like at Theory11, would give good advice to help myself become better at the art of magic we all love now. At first people weren't so nice because they thought a new person didn't know anything and it was stupid for them asking. So, I decided to stay away from what people were saying and become better on my own. At some level that was the wrong thing to do but it made me, me. It molded my own personality into the magic I was doing instead of mimicking other people and their "styles".
    After sometime I began getting bored with magic and found flourishing a new alternative to get away from magic for awhile. When I started I watched so many videos like Soh Fresh, a lot of Dan and Dave's videos, and many others. I found that after learning and expanding my resources I was able to put more of who I am into my magic. I added some "flash" to my performance and I believe it made me a better performer today. I believe expanding my horizon by doing card magic and card flourishing made me appreciate what some crazy guys out there are doing. It's truly is inspiring to watch a video nowadays and first, tell myself that these people love this art and I can see it and second, I look at myself and tell myself how far I actually have gotten in 5 or 6 years.
    I can remember when my aunt first taught me how to shuffle the deck of cards and do the bridge. At first I told her " I could never do that" but I practiced countless hours into doing it and now I can do it but I also have expanded on that to different things that people might have never thought of before.
    Magic is more to me now then back then. Its not just a cool thing anymore its inspirational, hardworking, and more than anything its my love or passion. I work hard everyday, 5 to 7 hours a day just messing with cards whether it being a new card trick or a flourish or something I thought of and working on. This art taught me how to look at things differently and how to be creative. Just recently I went to the World Magic Seminar and not knowing anyone I kinda felt left out but sooner or later I made friends just like that. I even got to meet people like Chris keener, Dan Sperry, and even Jeff McBride. During the opening ceremony I was with my mom and Jeff Micbride was just watching me without myself even noticing, I was just doing what I loved to do and he came up to my mother and I and asked my mom if I was her son she said "yes" and he told us that I was amazing at what I was doing. That was like the greatest feeling above anything in my life because it showed me that my hard work over these past years wasn't just a waist of time. I was being recognized for my hard work all these years after not know anyone else who did magic, and im happy because I did it all by myself. These people have helped me all these years and it was amazing getting to meet them in real life and getting to meet others form around the world who all came together for one thing, our love in magic and our love to evolve our art into a bigger and better thing.
    I want to just tell everyone thank you for being there, for not just me but others as well. We all push the boundaries of what people from the past never thought of and expanded their ideas and concepts to works of art that not just we the magicians like but what our spectators love. We are all entertainers and all love our art and I want to thank Theory11, Ellusionist, United Cardists, TheCuso, and Decknique for all advancing our art and the people who made the art of magic where it is at now.

    Thank you.

    - Jose from Illionis
  5. Although I haven't been doing magic for to long, i realized that this is my one true love and I hope to inspire people to try the impossible, maybe earn money doing it. I hate what the world has come to really, wars, starvation, etc. I prey some day the power of love is stronger then the love for power, and magic makes me feel like i'm helping, maybe just a little, but none the less helping. I use magic to try and remove pain and let people forget everyday issues by remember the childlike dreams brought to fruition by me.

    To me, Magic is not just for entertaining but its an art to suprise someone and make them remember what they have seen. What satisfies me the most is to see my audience reacting to my magic. To see their faces of disbelief and amazement. To bring them back to the time when everything is something to smile and laugh at, which we have lost now. That is the joy a magician gets. I am always glad to see and know that people are amazed at my magic and that they appreciate it.
  6. I really have to say that magic has been there for me when everything else hasn't.

    Magic is a skill that is, much like art or stand-up comedy, can mean something different to everyone. The difference though is the universal feeling of wonder that magic has on everyone. Now, this wasn't what this post is about, but I feel is of importance enough to say.

    As far as impact on me, learning magic has opened HUNDREDS of doors; allowed me to meet and converse with people I would have NEVER done otherwise. Magic really changed the course of my life in a substantial way that can never be categorized as good or bad. Regardless however, it has allowed me to meet some of my BEST friends (in life) that I would not know if it were not for magic.

    As I stated in the title sentence though, when EVERYTHING else falls apart in life, magic is still there. Magic (in any format) is craved specifically because of the very nature; it disturbs and distorts reality. This takes you away (even when doing it) from anything going on and takes you to a place where almost anything is possible.

    I must say that magic, if nothing else, has changed me into the most optimistic person on earth; shows how everything is conceivable and if not in our reality, maybe in another.

    I know, I know, it sounds lame, but this is a hard topic to talk about without sounding lame.

    Buena Suerte!
  7. I remember discovering magic - what it felt like to be thrilled by the intrigue of the unknown. At the time I entered the field to serve a twofold purpose - learn the interesting methodology behind what I saw (but not out of vanity - out of curiosity and want, which brings me to my next point) and to become a purveyor of the mystic arts. The latter has intensified for me since I began. I have been able to create multiple moments of wonder for people, and that is the real treasure of magic.

    Everything I've learned - techniques, presentation, etc. - all comes down to affecting a person with amazement. That's how magic has affected me - through the reactions of people who have gotten anything from a minuscule instant of wonder or a week of scratching their heads over a trick.

    I don't have a particularly unique story, and I'm sure there are much more deserving people who will post in this thread. But I know that I have gained a lot of personal accomplishment, despite what anyone else thinks. Others may naysay my performances or ridicule my sleights, but they don't know that all of those comments fall away when I perform successfully and create a miracle for someone.

    I don't remember my first effect, but I know when I perform today, a sense of accomplishment fills me. Theory11 has been helpful in this process, equipping me with many tools in my workbox. All the 1-on-1's, cards, and DVDs I've bought are simply instruments to be channeled through me, and I hope I've done it well.

    Finally, if a stranger asked me to choose magic over something else, I most likely would. For me, magic is everything from a boredom buster to a wonder maker - and I wouldn't trade my magical experiences for nearly anything else.

  8. Don't Count Me Out!

    I protest that I didn't have enough time to give this proper thought, as I only got 30 minutes to get this cranked out due to time zones, and my work schedule, but this is a contest that I felt I had to be a part of.

    What effect magic has had on me, and how it has changed my life.

    I've always loved magic. Ever since I was little I've always been enamored with magicians like Copperfield, and Burton. Watching magic on TV is one of my earliest and fondest memories, so it was no surprise to my mom, or anyone that knew me growing up that I went on to pursue a career in the art. To me magic is more than just a card trick done for a few friends over a bubbling glass of Mountain Dew. Magic is about the story you tell, and the emotional value that story has when it impacts your audience. To me, magic is about connecting with the people you're performing for and leaving a bit of you with them as a found memory, in exchange for taking a bit of them with you in the same way. Magic is pure imagination incarnate, and that is simply what captivated my young and fertile mind the most as a child watching with star struck eyes, and a dream in my head. That desire to create, inspire, cultivate, and tell a story has driven me to keep pursuing magic and all her wonderful secrets. Even looking down the road at my upcoming 30th birthday, I'm still as much filled with wide eyed wonder with the art, as I was when I was five. I'm just blessed to now be the one responsible for sharing a bit of my wonderment with the next generation.

    In my lifetime I've walked down many roads with regard to the performance art of the mysterious and arcane. I've enjoyed being a part time hobbyist annoying my parents with a constant never ending barrage of “pick a card” tricks, to the struggling trials of being a teenager doing kids parties during my summer breaks, to the hunger pains of being a starving artist trying to establish himself in the working world all the while trying to be taken seriously as someone who has something worth value to contribute to the community. Part of the process of being a magical artist is evolution. Evolution not only of your act, but also of your self and your character. Evolution of one self can only occur through constant exposure to different environments. As I grow and mature as an entertainer I love to be involved with new, exciting, and different experiences. It helps ground my understanding of the world, and makes me a better person for having gone through those experiences. Those experiences, those lessons learned are then in turn reapplied to myself as a character, my act as a performance piece, and the value of the entertainment I deliver when on stage. In short, magic has not only changed my life, it continues to do so every day with each new experience acquired, and each new lesson taught. The path of the magi is the path of the eternal student. A path I hope I never deviate from.

    Whether it be huddled around the card table at the local magicians club meeting with fellow magicians, or engaging in a debate over a well thought out essay published to a popular underground magicians website I'm thankful for the opportunity to network with others like myself. Others who share not only in the drive for self improvement, but the unyielding burning desire to go out and make someone's life a little brighter through the presentation of the art of magic. Our world is shrinking each day with the advent of newer technology that makes communication easier, faster, quicker, and more portable. It's because of communities like Theory 11, I think, we are seeing such a growth in the networking between those who want to perform, and those who already know how. It's bridging the long standing gap between the teachers and the students, offering everyone the opportunity to reach out, and engage each other in subjects that are vital to be discussed and understood to progress ourselves down the path of magical enlightenment. Theory 11 is more than just another magic dealer, or producer. It's a school yard where all of us can come together and pursue a higher education in the performance of our art. I'm thankful for such a community. It helps make my personal quest for self evolution easier, not just because of the wealth of information that is available at my fingertips, but also in knowing that I'm not walking down this road alone. Magic has become such an important part of my life, it has changed me so much that without it, I frankly don't think I'd even recognize myself.
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    The reason I chose magic is because the is no correct or incorrect way to do it, with other hobbies there are limits but with magic there are none, you can do whatever you want. When I do magic i feel like I can do anything and nothing is impossible.
    I always show magic to my friends in school and many people refer to me as Magic Man, it has built me a reputation but the problem is that whenever lay people think of me they think of me in a generic way, they think of bunnies coming out of a big top hat and stuff like that. This is not the way it is supposed to be though so whenever I do my tricks I like to act as down to earth as possible so they think I am just like one of them.
    Magic has also given me more self confidence, not just as a magician but an overall person. People now like me better because I am more outgoing and friendly, so I like magic because it can make you a better person. The tricks I like to do though have to give a lasting impression so I wont just go out and do a dinky little key card trick, but a trick that people will always remember. That is why I chose magic over any other hobby

    Blake (CA)
  10. What is Magic for me?

    Hello, my name is Maciej and I'm from Poland.

    I can say that magic did not change me. Here is my story.
    The first trick i ever seen was the card trick that my father show me when I was very young. I was amazed. And then i saw the secret. My father teach me very cearfly this trick, which i think now is a little strange because he is not magician and he just has much respect for magic to not only reveal a trick but teach it very well. After that i watched all David Copperfield's TV shows but i still don't thought about that i can perform. After couple of years I've know some card tricks (but then there was only tricks) and i decided to show them to my friends during a class trip. When i saw the reaction i was surprised more that when i saw magic for a first time. It was first time i perform for real audience and it was beginning of something wonderful. But i still thought that i should have a magic family traditions to know the secrets and really do magic. So i almost forgot about magic. I was doing a lot of cool stuffs like playing soccer or table tennis, after that I've do a speedcubing. But it always missing me a creativity part in what I'm doing. When I was old enough to understand that maybe i can find some tricks and magic communities via Internet. And realised that now i have source of books, videos and all that i need to be magic performer. I find out that modern look of magic like Theory 11 is amazing and suits me( so i will not have to wear cylinder or thing like that) What is best that thanks for Internet i can chat with famous magicians and listen their advices ( in here i want to thanks to Luke Dancy and Eric Jones for their time :) )Now after 2 years of real performing and doing not tricks but magic i will have my first big opportunity to present myself in commercial party in July. All that teach me a respert for Art of Magic. But what is Magic for me?

    Honestly I can say that I'm myself while doing magic. Magic don't change me. Magic simply become a part of me. And i have to defend this part of me.

    For those who don't know about polish situation after II World War i recommend to read in here's_Republic_of_Poland. I want to explain that most of polish people don't like magic. They think that magician cheat them. They don't understand that its for their entertainment. Maybe for that reason Ed Marlo (Edward Malkowski) decided to live and perform in USA? For now after 1989 when Poland is independent i try to remove this bad image of Magic in any opportunity that i have. In my speech in oral polish 'Matura' (equivalent of high school diploma) I've decided to share my passion in subject : "The Art of Magic". Also any day i try to change a world of my spectators to do it magical place even though for a second. Now my goal is to be better performer and to change the peoples thinking about magic. And i will try to do this in each of my future performances. For all the reasons that I do magic this one is for me most important. Magic, for me, is a chance of changing people's thinking about not only magic, but their lives.

    But if stranger ask me why from all activities that I can do I chose magic I don't answer. I show him magic.

    Sory for my English,

    Maciej Dzięgielewski
  11. Magic has affected my life and the way I choose to live it, in a multitude of ways. It acts as a creative, and physical outlet and has challenged my previous mindset, leaving me more openminded, and devouted. Constant practice has showed me that hard work, and the willingness to commit to a project, truely pays off. In developing audience management my patience levels have increased both while performing and during day to day life. Although I was never shy, magic has still helped both with my public speaking skills and overally confidence in myself. My discovery of theory11 close to a year ago futher instilled my passion for this craft and its possiblities. It's new age philosophy and general feel taught me to appreciate and respect magic as an artform. Through it, my passion and desire to entertain grew tremendously, and for that I thank them.

    Marshall (MA)
  12. Here goes a 6 minute miracle...

    I started magic in fourth grade, when i got a mrked deck of card in a bingo game.
    This not only ensured my winning at go fish :), but it also sparked my interest in magic...

    i have actualy been taking magic seriously for the last 4 years, when it has been all i think about, and do when i am alone.

    Magic for me is my gateway into the social world, i am not normally a very social person, but the interpersonal skills that magic has given me, has made me infintesimally more confident in everyday conversations! I am now known by many loca schools as the "Magic Guy" who performs while at track meets.

    theory11 has always been this cool, underground mysterious, part of magic that pride myself in knowing about, and being a part of in the forums.
    Thank you for maintaning that in all the times that i have been here.
    I dont expect to win, i just like telling!

  13. William in my place is now 5 a.m. and when contest starts its 2 a.m. :)

    It's all about sacrifice :)
  14. Amen brother. I hear you on that. I'm glad I got home with enough time to spare. I was flying down the highway to get to my computer in time.
  15. ZOOM!! who doesnt love to race to the computer for the snc?
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    Looking around, enjoying the sound of cards riffling as the group grows around me. "For my next effect." I fan the cards looking down for a split second to admire the symmetry of the cards spread. "A card is chosen..." I begin to say as I stare at the excited faces of those around me. How did I get here crosses my mind as I float into a trip pulled by my memories.

    "How did you do that?" the spectator asked excited. I smile knowing that it was the only effect that I knew.

    "Magic," I responded after performing the only effect that I knew and liked.

    I walked away with the knowing that the trick would stick with him for a long time. Sitting down at my laptop, I found a message to clip of The Trilogy. I am overcome with so much art, so much finesse in a little deck of cards. A new era of sleights was introduced to me. No longer was it about tricking the audience, but become one with them. Painting a picture of visual ecstasy for those around me. It wasn't about what I could do anymore, it was about how much the audience was awed. A principle of life, not just magic, to focus on those around you, losing yourself in the service of others.

    I come back to reality as I ask a participant, "What is your favorite card and why?"
    He pauses as I can see the journey of connecting with him has just begun.

    Brandon, TN
  17. Amazing submissions tonight guys (and gals)! You all represented a variety of backgrounds with differing stories and it was truly refreshing to read through all of your entries. Each of you deserves an honorable mention.

    The judging process was extremely difficult, but the winner tonight is William Draven for his incredibly moving post HERE. We felt your entry mirrored the thoughts and feelings of many magicians in the community - and described precisely what we were looking for. Full info on redeeming your prize will be sent via PM within 24 hours.

    Thanks again to all who participated! You made this a Saturday Night Contest to remember. :)
  18. hy theory11, im 22 years old and i have been doing magic for over 3 years now...magic indeed is a life changing experience for me ... i have many friends who are talented in music,sports etc .... i was no good in everything until someone show me a trick ... i was speechless and amazed ... from that moment i became interested in magic not just wanting to see it again but want to be able to do it to other people ... ever since then, i performed for many people and i get almost the same reactions everytime .... people screamed, overwhelmed and wanted to see more ... i was changed by magic from nobody to someone that people want to meet and see magics that i do ... all my friends keep supporting me to keep doing magic... to me magic is all about creating pleasant and astonishing feelings for your audiences ...when i performed i always wanted people to feel the same feelings that i felt when i 1st saw magic... i really love to see their faces in wonder & amazement after doing magic trick to them ... its another reason why i love doing magic..last night i performed to my friends at their place, i did 2card monte, ultragaff tricks & distortion to them and they all screamed like crazy ....;D such a valuable moment that time & i absolutely gained valuable experience .... for me i dont think i will stop doing magic because it has became part of myself ... im quite a silent type of person before and hardly talk to anyone other than people that i knew already ... but eversince i do magic, i was able to overcome that ... i now love to interact & communicate with new people through magic tricks that i do ... and im glad so far all of them love it and wanting to see more ...magic is a blessing in my life .... i thank to theory11 website where i learn many tricks that blew people minds away ... i wish that one day i will inspire other people to do magic to bring smiles & laughs to other people ...

    United Kingdom
  19. Congrats Will. You deserve a prize for not just the entry but for everything else you contribute to the magic community.
  20. Oh ... wow! I won?! Thank you so very much!! This is indeed an honor! I'm so excited now, this is a first for me!

    Thank you!

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