Sharing Magic With Other Magicians

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Should magicians share magic secrets with other magicians?

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  1. Yes

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  1. It's hard to give an answer on this because, based on what was said about the original poster's history, even a balanced response could lead to supportive misconceptions.

    Next thing you know he's on Youtube exposing YOUR magic trick with the title "For Magicians Only".
  2. i think that it is ok to share tips for tricks with other magicians and some times tricks. only if you know them well and you have seen them perform either live or on youtube, and only if you know they actually care about magic and they are some 12 year old punk who types in "learn magic tricks" on youtube and finds david j castle of
  3. wavehead should just save up $50 and buy the DVD set rather than borrow it from a friend. If wavehead requested zeedub to lend him the DVD set, I'm pretty sure wavehead has already borrowed many other DVDs which he didn't paid for and made copies of it. Just like a parasite, feeding on the 'hosts'.
  4. More or less, this was what I meant, except for the part about youtube. It is a highly inaccurate source due to video editing and the like.

    If you personally know them, and know that they are respectful magicians, then I believe it is perfectly acceptable to share every secret you have. But not under any other condition.
  5. Amen, brutha.

  6. the last 5 posts or so have said it really well. It is the owners CHOICE not the borrowers. There must be some trust between the owner and the borrower. Saving up $50 would be better than risking paying thousands in fines because you didn't want to have to pay.
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