Signed Card Thru Window - By JP Vallerino

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    Signed Card Thru Window - By Vallerino

    Now there has been quite a few Card thru Windows, or should I say card change thru window effects. And like a few of the others this one should be called "Signed Card Change Thru Window".

    First off I want to start by saying for the record. This is the best Card/Window effect to date. And honestly I can't imagine further improvement on the cleanliness of this effect.

    Scenario: The Spectator is allowed to freely select a card. The spectator signs the face of the card without showing the magician the selected card. The magician riffles down on the deck asking the spectator to say stop. Magician slips the card into the break, and asks the spectator to push the card in. Magician makes a few shuffles of the deck, and tells the spectator he will now commit to a prediction as to which card they signed by placing a piece of tape to the back of the card. The magician never sees the faces of any of the cards.
    He then tapes his prediction with confidence to the back of a window or glass door. The spectators seem pleased that the card he predicted was incorrect, the magician turns to look at his mistake and reveals that the glass must be a little dirty. Reaching into a pocket he retrieves a silk and with a wipe of the glass the card on the back side of the window magically changes into there signed selected card. The spectators are completely stunned.

    The kicker is that the spectator can retrieve there card off of the glass themselves and keep it as a souvenir. The magician is left clean.

    DVD is English and French languages.

    - You end totally clean

    - Nearly self working and very easy to perform

    - The spectator can get the card themselves from the other side of the window

    - No force of any kind, the card is freely chosen

    - Resets in seconds

    - Self contained, no need of the help of an assistant

    - Contains all props to perform the effect, except a regular deck of cards, and the Sharpie to sign the card

    The draw backs are that not any window will work; So therefore it's not an effect you can do often. However, this is definitely an effect you should carry. Because, when you can do it minds are blown, and it's a fantastic way to end a routine.

    Others who may have seen this in Blackpool will agree that this is a nice effect.

    SCTW Product & Trailer
  2. Sweet man. Sounds awesome!

    Does anyone know of any other good card through window effects I could look up? And I mean actual card through windows, not color changing behind window effects. :p

    I know of Kaos, but that's the only good card through window effect I've found. Any tips?
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  3. what about the one you throw the deck against a window and the selected card appears at the other side of the window?
  4. I don't want one with dups. I want it signed.
  5. Then you need assistant... Or superpowers :D. Or you could have it appear the back stuck to the window, unstick it, top change it and give it to them :)

    Just my 2 cents
  6. CTW is a good effect I have it.
  7. This isn't a card through window effect. This is a color change through window. Nothing about the description makes it sound like the effect is a penetration. It's a change.
  8. it's hard to find "a real life situation" card through window
  9. Signed Card Thru Window -Re-worked

    Hey guys I wanted to update, I have been performing this for about 8 months now. And I have to now correct my past statements in saying that it's just a color change thru glass. I have made it much more then that with some revisions that I am reluctant to share.

    It's truly amazing what one learns when you step away from these discussions, and start performing the effects. It astounds me to this day what you can learn from the spectators, if you just pay attention to there body language or verbal ques. I discovered that to the spectator the transformation is not only a card thru glass, but a card transfiguration from deck through glass. A little patter change, and this can be achieved. I've done it myself, and it's now the most powerful effect in my arsenal.

    Allow me to explain: When I started performing this I would reveal the card from the deck with the wrong card stuck to the glass and then set the deck down. In the spectators mind I am committed to the selection stuck to the glass. So, I would then make the change thru glass receive the applause and pats on back, and that alone is a great effect.

    However, what I noticed happening is that some spectators after revealing the wrong card they would whisper or glance at the deck I set down. Then It hit me! It's the wrong card on the glass so some naturally think that it's still in the deck.

    So, based on this I made some crucial changes to the set-up of the routine, and my patter. First off I set-up the deck with a dupe of the gimmicked card and insert it a five or so up from the bottom of the deck keeping the gimmicked card near the middle. So before I show the trick I can carefully spread the deck to show normalcy, without revealing the dupe.

    The new patter is that I explain that I am going to make a prediction, and fully commit myself to it by handing the deck to a spectator for safe keeping. So, I make the prediction and reveal the wrong card stuck to the glass. I explain that being a magician If I had the deck in my hand I might be able to secretly find the signed card using misdirection, and swap out the wrong card with the correct one. But since (pointing at the spectator holding the deck) I can't get to that deck your holding it makes this impossible. =Pause=

    However, maybe this card (Prediction Example: Queen of Diamonds) is really your signed (example) 2 of hearts it's just that the glass may be a little dirty. At this point you go into the normal routine, Revealing the signed card. Now the kicker is that the queen they seen on the glass prior to the signed card is nowhere to be found so you naturally instruct the spectator to search the deck he had been holding. This is where the dupe queen of diamonds is found by the spectator.

    So from the spectators perspective they just witnessed two cards transport from the deck thru the glass and the prediction card traveled through the glass, and back into the deck. A sort of Signed double tele-portation thru glass.

    This trick went from astonishing to your a demon, which I get a lot now. Just by adding a couple of elements to the effect, and a slight patter change. I seen potential in this trick right away and it took about 5 months to really develop this re-working. I hope you all find this helpful.
  10. Good to hear, the effect sounds great! What restrictions are on the type of glass?
  11. He's right, it's a color change, it's not easy to find a good card trough window
  12. With the new re-working it's much more then a color change read a couple of post back. I have re-worked the entire effect. Now to the spectator is not only a color change thru window, it's a card through window teleportation. It has become my most powerful card presentation to date.
  13. So what are the restrictions on the types of window? And can you use any napkin or only a certain kind?
  14. This sucks.
  15. It looks and sounds a hell of a lot better than Window.
  16. Any type of cloth or napkin will work just fine. Any type of window that allows you access to either side. I have used all kinds of windows and Sliders as well glass panels in a nightclub. The video demo shows a glass panel in a restaurant. Honestly, once you have the product in your pocket opportunity to perform this illusion seem to reveal themselves everywhere.

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