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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Robert Butler, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. I've been developing a signed coin through window routine for about 1 and a half years now. Its gone very well. I used to think i needed gadits for it to work but i've developed a method driven technique that is full proof.


    A quarter is presented or half dollar. You sign one side, the spectator signs the other. You take the coin and slap it into any window. The coin visable falls out the other side. They spectator can look and clearly see the signature. You go out side with them the coin off the ground.

    I've developed 3 methods that blow spectators away. each technique for different experience levels. each one with its own style and presentation. Reguardless of your exp. each routine has its own value.

    I wated everyones opinions on this type of effect and there take on such a feat.

  2. This sounds like it could be a great idea! I would definately be interested in seeing a demo of it.
  3. Can one of the methods be applied to the deck of cards?
  4. You're going to need to make a video of it. Words just don't do it for most people. If it's as good as it sounds, it could be great.

  5. A video is craved by many but as it is my best discovery, i'm a little worried about it. I've shared the secret with a hand full of people and there all in love with it.

    I'll likely releace it on my site in due time but for now, i'll have to leave it to text until i've got it ready for download :)

    But to answer the question about the deck. NO, i dont use a deck in any of the methods! :)

    I'm considering doing somthing crazy. I'm considering to make it a free download for magicians as a treat. I believe in makeing contributions to magic for the better of the art. I've got somthing in store for my success and am considering this to be a gift to all magicians. But not for youtube. Only for legit magicians. Dont want it exposed. Its too good.

    Let me know what you think.

    NOTE: just re read the post above. you mean can teh method be used to put a deck of cards through the window LOL sorry. But to answer your question, i've come up with a concept of using the method for cards but it works a little differently. The card is selected and put back into the deck. you return the deck to the box. you then slap the box against the window and you instantly notice the box passes through the window but the actual cards are left behind in your hand. The audience members see the cards now sliping to the floor and noticed the box as it fell out the other side. you can allow the audience to look for the card on the floor but it wont be found. You can then walk outside with your spectator and ask them to pick up the box and open it. there card is the only one that passed through the window with the box. :)

    Still working on it but its looking good for now.
  6. if its half as good as advertised i'll buy it from you if u sell???
  7. Without footage it's fiction
  8. I kinda agree with you. Why create the thread about your product? Just in order to heighten the curiosity of other magicians? If your creation deserves to be noticed, it will, right after posting a link to the YouTube video on this Theory11 forum.
  9. Magic without footage has been sold for hundreds of years.
  10. It sounds like a good idea, without you telling me, I kinda have few ideas along the line.

    The only question I have to ask is why sign the coin? I know benefits of signing coin that makes it undoubted that it is different coin, but why is there a suspicion in the first place? Generally, coin through anything happens instantly that there is little room for doubt.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting you down, it just sounded like an overkill, though I might keep this in the back pocket for heckler situations.
  11. I mainly use the signature for thos hecklers. But I have 3 versions and only one of the 3 use the signature. I will be doing some filming for it in the next few months, its hard for me to find time for it.

    I will sell it to some individuals if it does not offend anyone on T11 for me doing so. If interested just e-mail me at I'd rather not conduct business on this site. It was not my intention to sell it but to share the idea only. I will teach the routines on Skype via video phone.
  12. Post a video.
  13. I find it very difficult to find time to film. Bad thing is I have everything I need to get it done. So i'll make a deal w/ one of you. Every one wants to see this routine on video. I will give the routine to one of you for free, if you film it and share it with the T11 community.
  14. I respectfully withdraw my previous offer. It will be filmed by a good friend of mine then sold as a download. Thanks for all the feedback, i'll keep you updated.

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