Small hands, and One handed cuts

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  1. Ive been thinking about it a lot recently, and the recent S+S video (Scott and Sean watters) has been the break point:

    What can i do to be able to do thumb cuts and other one handed cuts which normally require bigger hands?

    Obviously a different grip would be great, but it wouldnt achieve the same effect so to speak. I'd like some input.


  2. Your gonna get a lot of people to say practice, but this is an issue that can't resolve itself from practice. I simple can't reach my thumb around the deck, its impossible for me to do so. Dan Buck has this same issue, so he uses the Erdnase One Handed shift method.
  3. Split the deck in half and do two thumb cuts...?
  4. Tried doing that, its still a bit iffy- Also creeper thats what im trying to do at the moment, still quite hard though.
  5. Make sure you point the long edge of the deck up and push the whole thing down with your middle and ring fingers
  6. Duh, he is doing it with half the deck, wich its easier.

    To be sincere (yeah I know that Im going to get bashed) the first one handed cuts that I learned where from brian tudor and there are quite a bunch that requires for you to do the thumb cut ( wich I finded hard at the time) what I began to do is this.

    Instead of starting the thumbcut from the mechanics grip, use your index finger to kinda raise the deck and move it(along with your thumb) around the center of your palm. You will end with your deck vertical and its easy to thumb cut the deck from there and to straddle the other half down.

    You could try that, since My thumb is not that big I had to come up with that variation wich Im sure has floated around for a long time.


    EDIT::// I just noticed that dragon already said this, uoops!
  7. So in essence, its just getting a 'sweet spot' and practicing?

    Im cool with that. I'll walk away happily. Cheers guys.
  8. I heard that Dan and/or Dave can't do thumb cut. He said that he can't reach other side of the deck with his thumb :)

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