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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheCleaner, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. i feel sorry for wayne, his tricks are being exposed.

    but then agian, this is entertainment, who said we actually have to SEE magic? hahaha
  2. most subtle force ever.
  3. wow this kid is/.. omg .. soooooo talented
  4. What is you guys problems?
    This is a young kid who just started in the art and is trying his best, he is on the right track. And for people like you and others who are commenting saying he sucks and being saracatic is clearly messed up. As what I said on his video.

    "Hey man, ignore all the negitive comments. You did great and you're on the right track. Put forth time and effort and you will see your magic can be something more than magic. If you need anything at all feel free to message me, remember what defines us is how well we rise after falling.

    Maybe this kid just needs a little push to become something better, maybe a little push to make himself something new, you never know. Why dont you guys get off your high horses and come down and help someone.

  5. Word. I'm glad that I didn't know how to use my camera when I started magic >.<
  6. Can I ask about your views on "being on the right track"? When a kid like this is performing this badly on camera (where moves can be scrutinized even closer by replaying the video, even if the performance is good), almost revealing tricks on the Internet and exposing himself as such a dreadful artist, do you genuinely think this is being on the right track? Please, explain.

    Looking forward to your response, "dR",

    -Sam H
  7. Point taken. Chances are he'll never actually read all this but still...
    I think it's mostly because we were all like him once, thought we were amazing people whilst our parents wowed and gasped for us. One day, he'll look back and see how much he's improved. Then he'll laugh and make sarcastic comments about his own performance. I don't think anybody here really meant to be unkind in any way.
  8. Still, laughing about it and being unkind won't improve anything. Two wrongs don't make a right, as they say.
  9. I agree...
    And would just like to add, that the kid said that he learned "indecent" a half hour before he posted on the youtube, and he said that he would like to trade it...
    How is that a right track?
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    Don't quit, just watch this kid's videos and you'll feel so much better about yourself and magic xD..

    I try to watch sloppy vids , and it really boosts my confidence!

    Also, why post the videos in the first place... Just saying, I used to try and trade tricks when I was first starting magic, and was a bit unsuccessful (now I respect the creators).. It'd better to practice the tricks then post, maybe his kids at school think he's David Blaine or something, which boosted his self confidence to where he thought he was the best magician in the world.

    Well, I'm off to buy another Card Crappage book lol.
  11. good point.

    but the videos were posted ages ago.
  12. I'm not tryin to hate on anybody, I was just bored last night and thought I'd try to raise my self-esteem

    Then again, I met a kid while I was in MIchigan, his parents bought him like $50 worth of magic every week, he returned most of the material for store credits because it was "too hard"... Me and a buddy showed him some stuff from the trilogy, and he was amazed, he bought it.... thought the flourishes were crap, and thought the tricks were crap... Funny eh? And he HATES books.... He's beeen "into" magic for like 3 years.... and he is amazed at a basic ACR...

    Next time I see this kid, I'm gonna show him all the stuff from By Forces Unseen and tell him its from that book, and tell him it's really easy and stuff, just to see his reaction....
  13. TheCleaner - I was just being silly :p Sorry if that was unclear ^^
  14. I know, it was a joke, I doubt I'd quit magic myself after seeing a horrible performance... lol

    I would just favorite that video and when I'm havin a bad day, watch that video to cheer me up ;)
  15. I'm going to close this thread and edit out the link to the YouTube video. Although it may be "funny" to more experienced magicians, the clip obviously contained blatant exposure.

    I've noticed a sudden jump in the number of threads containing clips of poor performances / exposure on YouTube - as of late. No need to post someone else's video, only to laugh at them or try and "make a point" of them. You're only feeding the fire, in an attempt to make a mockery of these guys.

    As time progresses, we can only hope they'll take the art more seriously and smooth out the problem areas in their performance(s). Let's not run them away completely in the process.
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