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  1. Spin by Matt Sconce

    PK | Easy | Download | 1 hr. 3 min. | $32* | http://www.papercranemagic.com/spin.htm

    *Preorder the DVD and get the instant download NOW plus get a free instant download of PowerWord: Fall by Matt Sconce

    A strange and mysterious character walks into the room he has an unusual talent for distorting the laws of nature and making them follow his command. Is it possible can someone have this much power? I have seen this before in movies but this was no movie this really happened, it just looked so real.:

    Spin large objects or small objects seemingly with the power of your mind with impromptu ease, with no gimmicks, blowing, threads, or magnets. Instantly repeatable, and absolutely dependable.

    I just need to get it off my back...I only have three words say: I LOVE SPIN!

    When I saw this, one word popped into my head: DAMN!

    'Spin' doesn't use a "new" principle in magic, BUT what Matt has done here is taken this principle to the 'next level'; but it's an exploration of an old method.

    You can move pretty much anything you can come in contact with [you'll have some limitations, but you're run into objects you're definitely be able to spin].

    Matt teaches you how to move; a pen, VHS tape, a CD or DVD case [with the disks still inside], a large kitchen knife [this one looks INSANE], a small case of dental floss [which just looks eerie], and a pair of scissors.

    Matt, just as in PowerWord:Fall, explains why and how this principle works. Matt takes you in-depth; giving you all the tips, tricks and subtleties that make this effect what it is, he LITERALLY leaves no stone untouched. From what objects you can move, why it works with said object, what surfaces work and why, where misdirection is needed, how to make everything convincing, and a few more chapters! Matt's tips are really helpful, as well...so LISTEN TO THEM! All filmed in Papercrane format=top notch!

    The spinning of the object is SHEER BEAUTY, there's no other word that can explain it!

    A few bonuses [using the 'Spin Method', but in a different and creative way]:

    Shaun Dunn teaches his application of the effect:

    Where a pen spins on top of a sugar or salt jar and points at the selected card.

    What I like about here is the build-up of the effect. Another nice thing is the pen spinning and 'pointing' at their card is a second blow to the head, NOTHING the spectators are expecting.

    Then comes Shane Black with is contribution:

    5 cards are laid on top of 5 bottle caps [or spoons for 18-] and a[n] [indifferent] playing card is casted over the cards, where 1 card slowly spins, the selected card.

    KILLER! An [application] of the principle that I REALLY enjoyed. Their selected playing card spinning will send SHIVERS DOWN THEIR SPINE!

    I recently performed this yesterday at a Holiday Party I was performing at, with a pen and it left the spectator in awe, no lie! I innocently place down the pen on top of a borrowed water bottle [I'm so far ahead, it hurts!] and I use 'The Force' to move the pen [with my hands literally inches away]. I then let the spectator examine the pen and he was literally taking it all apart and checking out the bottle that HE LET ME BORROW! He then said, to his friends/family, [with this expression in his face, as if has never seen anything like it before], 'You guys missed it! He was moving a pen! WITHOUT blowing on it!".

    Spin is pure, clean, simple, direct, powerful, beautiful...and I can keep going ALL day!

    Two words: GET THIS!
  2. Thankyou for the in depth review. I enjoyed reading it and hearing the story of the performance. Thanks! -Matt Sconce
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    Oh my god... I just watched the trailer.... And I am ****ing speechless. I am going to have to buy that. It was just..... Oh my god...
  4. @msconce Thanks! But I couldn't have done that without you, lol ;)

    @King Of Spades That's the same response I had when I saw the trailer, haha
  5. How long does it take for the set up or can you just walk up to someone and do it? This effect seems too good to be true...
  6. Set up is practically nothing. This is something that you will really be glad you know. It is a valuable tool to have and ready to go just about anywhere. Put it this way you will be doing it before you finsh the download. Its a lot of fun and NOT too good to be true.
  7. Setup is 1-2 seconds and can be done in front of the person or before you approach them (Both ways are discussed on the video). You can definitely walk right up to someone and do it. No angle restrictions. What you see in the demo is what you get. No gimmicks, no lighting issues, no pushing the objects with your hands secretly. The closest thing to real magic I have ever performed. You will feel like your are really doing magic. :)
  8. @papercraneproductions I agree 100%. 'Spin' is very fun to do and I ALWAYS carry a pen around with me now. 'Spin' and 'Universal Impression' [,and 'Card to Wallet'] were the most talked about tricks at the performance party.

    I advise EVERYONE to not overlook this! IT'S THAT GOOD and the reactions you'll receive from it are unlike anything you've probably have received, it leaves them SPEECHELESS...
  9. This looks amazing..and practical. Does this require anything else besides the object-to-be-spun? I just can't get over the fact that it doesn't use a gimmick.
  10. Nope
  11. I'm very interested. How are the angles if I may ask?
  12. is this the same method as Power word: Fall?
  13. No angle issues. Complete 360 degree freedom. People could even watch from below and above if they wanted to.:)

    No, it is a completely different method. Best wishes! -Matt
  14. I just wanted to share with everyone who is thinking about purchesing this effect and also to thoses who allready have. Please take the time to practice!! I was able to make a pen sipn off a bottle the first time I tried.

    However I have not shown this effect to anyone yet. This effect is so powerfull you really have to work on your movments and patter. If you do it right you will feel lke you are doing real magic and the people you share this effect with will feel lke they just got hit by a truck!!!

    Take it slow and blow some minds..

  15. Excellent, excellent advice. Practicing SPIN until you fool yourself is the best way to go! :)
  16. Living up to the hype

    Here is a great comment from another forum about SPIN living up to the hype:

    "This is excellent. I've used this principle a lot, and experimented with it quite a bit. Matt's advances in both preparation and execution are the best I've come across. The kitchen knife in particular blew me away. I saw it and thought, "Oh come on, that'll never work." Walked into my kitchen, and a few minutes later, walked back out a believer. Nice work, Mr. Sconce. Now I'm keeping an eye out for what other things I can spin.

    Actually, let me clarify that I don't mean that last part literally. A lot of mentalists think that moving an object just a little bit looks like "realistic" PK, while making it spin like a propeller looks like a magic trick. I'm one of them, and hence I won't literally be spinning anything with Spin. However, the knowledge within it can certainly be used for more subtle demonstrations than those shown. (You can move the kitchen knife just a little bit, and slowly.) So even if the presentations aren't to your taste, the technique is good stuff for any PK fan." -Quote from Quinn from the Cafe
  17. not so sure if this has been asked yet, I do plan on getting this soon, just curious.

    Can you control which way the object spins? and can you control when the object spins?
  18. You are in full control of which direction and when the object spins and how fast it spins, etc. :) Best wishes! -Matt Sconce
  19. That there just sold me. and it appears that you don't touch the object either for an initial push... I'm most definitely not trying to figure it out, just in awe...

  20. You do not touch the object for the initial push. Once the object is set onto the surface, you do not touch it again until you or the spectator picks it up. Take the knife for example. You will see the knife begin to slowly move and pick up speed in its spin and so will the spectator. They will absolutely know you did not push it. :) Best, Matt Sconce

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