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  1. Here is a quote from someone who just bought this at E.

  2. This is a great story from someone who bought SPIN:

  3. I don't know how to describe this, but you blew my mind.
    I love this so much, I'm actually making myself believe that this is real magic. Incredible and ridiculously fun to perform.

    Great Job Matt
  4. This is... great....
    and interesting shirt by the way. Did you choose it on purpose?
  5. Glad you like it. I did indeed choose the shirt on purpose as it means "Moores Karate" I have trained in the martial arts since second grade and have a black belt in three different styles. Moore's Karate is the most powerful I have ever scene. When you learn the techniques it feels like magic, just like SPIN, hence the shirt. :)

    Have fun with SPIN! -Matt
  6. Oh. Thats why.
    It is originally a chinese character which means touch, feel, or any synonym of that. But the pronunciation of it is actually similiar to Moore... sneaky... I thought that was the reason. Works either way though.
  7. Awesome. Good to know! :)

    Here is a fun story for you guys from a magician who recently performed this:

  8. An idea would be to spin a stylus borrowed from some one playing DS.

  9. I love ideas like this and any others that are outside the box of the expected. Keep it up! -Matt Sconce
  10. Hello everyone.

    I was recently in the bank, opening a new checking account when the lady behind the desk commented about my business-Magician and Filmmaker. I picked up her pen and asked her if I could use her computer mouse. (It was then I prepared the pen) I then set the pen down on her mouse and told her to watch carefully. I pressed my hands toward the pen and slowly, slowly it begin to move. It picked up speed, whipping around through a complete 360 degree revolution then another 180 before falling onto the desk next to her. She stared at me with an amazed and creeped out stare. "How did you do that?" She exclaimed. "Let me see your hands!" I of course showed her my hands, and my sleeves had been rolled up already. She stared for a moment then said..."Wow..I am totally freaked out." I smiled and thanked her for opening our account then my wife, two year old baby girl and I walked out, leaving a speechless and entertained bank employee in our wake. I love this effect.

    If you are having any trouble getting the results you see on the DVD please send me a PM. I begin chapter three discussing a surface that will not work with SPIN. Please include that surface in your PM and I will send you the SPIN troubleshooting guide. Most people have had no issue getting SPIN to work powerfully, but for the few who have, the guide has helped them greatly. Best wishes! -Matt Sconce
  11. Thanks for the story, Matt! Keep up the great work! :)
  12. Thanks! You should have seen her face! She was BURNING my hands and saw nothing of course. :) -Matt
  13. That's the beauty of this effect, they can BURN your hands ALL THEY WANT... and find NOTHING!

    Also, to everybody else, don't underestimate or overlook this one... it's a practical, and powerful anytime, anywhere effect! And as Matt has said, it WILL blow their minds!
  14. Hey thanks!

    Here are some thing people are spinning that rock.

    Credit cards

    Bic Lighters

    all the things I spin in the video.

    A hammer...yep, you can SPIN a hammer. -Matt Sconce
  15. i'm from singapore too and it never did work for me even once.
    i have got the troubleshooting guide from matt already. (thanks again)

    followed everything and still not working.
    i'm starting to think it's cos of our location.

    anyone else not being able to do it located in the malaysia/thailand/singapore region?
  16. Hey guys im from germany.
    i do magic since a few years, and i am sorry, i do not linke many tricks from ellusionist and some from t11.
    but i like matt sconce. yeah, i really enjoyed Poer word: fall, it was great, and more practible than i thought in the beginning of learning the method, but spin is pure awesome!
    i mean it is direct, simple, and absolutely clean. nobody could reveal it, because there are no gimmicks used. (i know it is said before but i like to say it again :p)
    u know, u can sit there (at work, in lesson, anywhere)..you grab a pen, you grab a bottle, u concentrate, and voila, the pen is spinning!
    great work, matt!
    i just do have a personal question, to you matt. ;)
    did you find the method out by yourself or was there anybody who told you? (i know it sounds strange, but i would be glad to hear;))
    so, greatings to everyone,
    nils :)

  17. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad SPIN is working so well for you over there in Germany. As I mention in the DVD. SPIN uses an old method I have known for years, as many magicians have. Some have developed tricks based on that method and done quite well. I credit those magicians in the DVD as SPIN stands on their shoulders. I wanted to take it to another level by pushing that method to it's limit, focusing on doing more than ever before. So SPIN is an exploration into a well known method that takes it to a place no one has seen it go before. It was fun to make and many people are having a blast with it which makes me happy. Have fun and keep enjoying SPIN!
  18. It looks great

    Great job Matt - looks really good
  19. Thanks! People are having a blast with it. I am getting some great stories of reactions and I love that. -Matt Sconce
  20. Can anyone tell me how big the download is in mb.

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