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  1. Does anyone know anything about the Static dvd? Price etc?

    I think it looks great but i hope it wont be to expensive, am i the only one that thinks that a full 29 dollars would be to much for this quick little trick? I hope its not.
  2. Well its gimmick specially handmade and im sure it has Vast amounts of applications besides Static. Im sure it will be worth it.

  3. wait and see man it will be out in a matter of hours
  4. Static!

    Hey, now that Static is coming out, I had a few questions (which they may or may not be able to answer, and if not, I guess... speculate?).

    1: Is it going to be a DVD or download or DVD Download? Because if it were like the Riot thing with Dan Hauss, I could buy it. I really want it, but I can't buy it if it costs shipping and stuffz.

    2: Is it going to come with a gimmick? I would MUCH rather make the gimmick at home instead, than have it come with the gimmick.

    So... Yeah. Just curious. Thanks in advacne!
  5. These questions have already been answered. Yes there is a gimmick and its a DVD that comes with it. Itd be too much hassle to download video and have the gimmick sent out.
  6. Ok, thanks. Just saw the other thread on this in the Product Questions forum though (which is odd, because I used the search button...) so...

  7. Sometimes I come blank on searches too.Most of the time I just type the search differently or try again.Usually works.
  8. Cool effect.

    Not Haunted Deck cool.

    Or $20 cool.

    But cool.
  9. ^What he said. :)

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