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  1. I have luke jermays 7 deceptions and skullduggery. i tried performing reversed gestalt moment (or whatever its called) and they did not forget the card. they said it was because i said that they will forget the card so they repeated it over and over again in their mind. is there something i can do to prevent them from repeating the card over and over again in their head? please reply
  2. Give them something to do/think about to distract them. Keep quickly feeding them instructions. Etc. As long as they're not allowed the time to think about it, that'll help eliminate the problem of them repeating the card over and over again in their mind.

    There are other things you can do, but the above should help eliminate the problem you speak of. :)
  3. Don't tell them that you are going to make them forget the card. You have drawn attention to the card and they will automatically focus more on it either to not look stupid or to try and catch you out. I will shoot you a PM to explain a little more.
  4. Oh wow, I skipped over that part...I didn't realize he said he actually says he's going to make them forget the card. Yeah, I wouldn't do that right let them know what's happening on a need to know basis (with that effect). In essence, I agree with D ICE R. :)
  5. Try using distraction with several senses at once, I'm trying to remember if Luke mentions this on the DVD - I think he does.

    Put a strong perfume on your hand, wave this past the nose and at the same time touch them, but use your eyes to make them meet them with theirs - Lots of things going on at once makes the brain go BOOM.

  6. My brain went boom just reading that :eek:
  7. i think he did mention that in the dvd.

    i dont like the idea of having the perfume. i want to have the least ammount of props as possible

    maybe while they are trying to remember the card, i should fart on them XD. jkjkjkjkjkj
  8. Or just spray the back of your hand with a deodorant spray before you go out...the scent should last quite a while. Axe is a pretty popular body spray, and it even has a tiny spray can for when you're on the go (so you don't have to spray your hand before you leave; you can do it on the fly). Little to no pocket space right there.

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