Superfly by Chris Kenner

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Bungee, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. To me it seems like the difference between A and A+..... Im a B- student
  2. yes, but i dont know many too people that would pay a 600-800$ bribe for the added plus in school, why pay for a slightly cleaner effect when you could just work on your sleight of hand. Im not knocking the product, im sure its amazing, especially with Jamie producing it and Chris' mind behind it, im just unwilling to pay it at this time and it seems really pricey.
  3. I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant for the kiddies on this board to afford. Otherwise it would have been cheaply made and cost around 50 bucks tops. It's meant for working pro's who can afford the 600-800 bucks easily.
  4. Agreed. I don't think hobbyists would or should wanna pay that much money for a single effect like this. A worker may think otherwise. Due to it's price, it won't be an actual release. JB said in his previous post that it will have a limited online release. I think it's a cool effect, but with my current status in magic, I wouldn't even think of buying this effect. Pros may think this is a great effect. I think it just depends on the status of where you are in magic.

  5. guys. you have to remember; these can be used for more than just superfly.
  6. i kinda find that offensive. especially if your insinuating im some "kiddie" and im not knocking the product itself. I just do not see the point of paying all that money for something that will barely enhance the routine. The presentation looked practically identical to the original. Also im sick of people talking about "workers" buying this. Workers, dont become successful by spending unneccesarily on gimmick and products. Why spend such a large amount when you could just do the original? I have a Schoolcraft set that i use for gigs, yes they are amazingly made, but its a dean's set. A shell is something that isn't as easily replicated with sleight of hand, 3fly vs Superfly isnt' as big of a leap. I think the "working pro's" your talking about are the truly famous and successful that have expendable funds. Im not knocking the product itself, im sure they are amazing coins, i just think they should showcase other uses, otherwise i dont think a slightly cleaner original 3fly is worth that much.
  7. As Dizzi said, I'm sure it has other uses. I doubt it can only be used for Superfly.

  8. The reason you do not see the greatness of the product is because you are possibly not a big coin worker. A gimmick that helps make things seem even more open is a plus in my books.
  9. The price is HIGH! Yes, but go and see how much is the peace and morgan coin cost. I think that gimmick can be used for more routine and the price is high so not many people will buy it ( only pros will).
    The last vanish in the trailer is not taught in the DVD :)
  10. The gaff can be used for much, much more. And he does go over the last vanish in the video.
  11. I think the confusion about the "last vanish" is because there are two different things being discussed at the same time.

    The famous "mythical last coin vanish" that folks have been talking about for years isn't taught on the video; however, the last vanish from the demo IS taught on the Super Fly DVD.

    Kenner and Schoolcraft are awesome!

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