t11.bulletin - Chris Kenner iPhone App - RELEASED!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Richard - You are still King.
  2. Its a pretty good app I must say. It needs a Ipod touch look to it as an option if you dont have an Iphone.
  3. thats weird I watched the video...must of forgot...lol my bad.
  4. Three quick things;

    1. Love this trick.

    2. If anyone picks an Ace of Spades just say the old line "make the card a little unusual" while you are asking them to pick one.

    3. Would it really be so hard to have and ipod touch option? IMO this app isn't finished until that is done.

  5. Just bought it and watched Kenners video it was very informative on the method. I've been playing with it for a few minutes now and I throughly enjoy it. I expected nothing less from Kenner. Oh and Richard great job, I'm glad this app works after buying the Blaine app in which I was throughly dissapointed about due to how do you say it...Oh it doesn't work. But your app has given me new faith. Peace!
  6. Well your variation to Blaine's app is awesome.:cool:

  7. Appreciate that Doug. I was playing with Kenners app and instead of handing the phone to the spectator you can also hold the phone with the top of the deck facing your spectator and ask them to hold their palm up and you can tap the phone lightly on their palm and looks as though the card is slowly being tapped out of the deck. Looks good actually but thats all I've come up with at the time. I'll update my thread here soon. Peace!
  8. I was actually gonna give you a ring to ask what you've cme up with. =P As magicians, I think it's both important and awesome to be a step ahead of everyone else. Let me know if you come up with anything. :) Ill give you a call tomorrow when I finally get home from my week of boredom.

  9. hey does it works in other countries??
  10. I wouldnt see a reason why it wouldn't
  11. Yep - will work in any country as long as you have an iPhone or iPod Touch. So exciting - it just hit number 20 in the iTunes Top 100 Entertainment Chart. Amazing adventure for us, especially as this is an app that almost didn't see the light of day at all.
  12. That's awesome that it's flying through the rankings like that! I wish I could do more to support it than just buying it!
  13. This doesnt seem to work on mine. It just appears on a screen where the joker consistently pops up.

    Edit: nevermind =D
  14. Just bought this as well.

    Works great! Just posted a review to iTunes. Whoever "KentT" is, hes an ifdiot lol.

    its a great little trick to show anyone at a monents notice.

    Id have paid more actually :)

    satisfied 100%
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    Ok so i just bought this....And it wont work! It just does not appear on my ipod. Ive tried snycing and everything and lost all of my music too! Can anyone help get it on my ipod?

    EDIT I had to restore my ipod and lost all my apps and music :( but got the rising app finally.
  16. Glad to hear everything worked out! In the future, feel free to shoot me a PM directly.

    Let us know what you think of the app. :cool:
  17. Jon I think this app freakin sucks man, what where you guys thinking backing Kenner on such a horrible application,

    Psych, Naw me and a buddy must have played with this app for 2 hours last night. Really cool app I have to say. Thanks!:D
  18. Aww, a shame it's only for iPhone, like us in Sweden, not alot of people use iPhone. I don't know any :p

    I got smartphone however. Will you guys make it so you can use it with smartphones as well or is it just the luck of the iPhoners?
  19. Just a quick note that we are in the final stages of completion of our first UPDATE to the Rising Card application with some nifty improvements that YOU guys have asked for. More details coming soon, and yes - the update will be FREE to those who own it already.

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