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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. :) After a little while of looking at the timer, I was like: "This is moving pretty fast to last days." haha
  2. It's in seconds, but also with tenths of a second (I think) as the last digit. I totally screwed up my calculation, too, but yeah, about 5 hours?
  3. Traditional T11 release time, I'm assuming. What, 11:00 PM EST? Right?
  4. Stuck on "why we exist" page, if you get me, could someone please gimme a helping hand via PM?


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    If anyone wants to discuss this meet up in TinyChat.

    Pass = daivernon

    It's been solved, timer has been counted down to 0... This page is made of DIAMONDS =D
  6. Alright...pretty cool...got to the end.
  7. I found the diamonds thing too but what do u mean the timer is at 0
  8. We will swan dive into the night of our lives.
  9. Can someone please help??? I still haven't even found any password... Can someone please just PM me or reply?
  10. Anyone????
  11. I just sent you two pm's asking if u need help to which u have not responded...so...yeah..
  12. Awesome!

    Awesome! I can't wait:)
  13. Ha ha ha, that took me a while to get. Nice one.
  14. 45 minutes guys.....CERCA TROVA!
  15. Can someone help me with the second one? Like, give me a hint? I'm not so good with riddles, but I think the answer to the second password is water, energy, or light... I'm really stuck now, can someone give me a clue? :confused:
  16. sabor, check the things that rhyme with cry-vate smessages! haha

  17. Man I cant even get the first password. :( Can someone help me please?
  18. Lol... Same
  19. Woo. About 15 minutes.
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    Have you ever used html? If so, have you ever viewed the source code of a page?

    Better yet, have you ever heard of a comet?



    Those are comments. Try viewing the source code, you might want to have some sort of reflecting device.

    EDIT: Fail brain and grammar.
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