The Final Round: The True Astonishment Contest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DoctorMagic, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. It's finally here... the moment most of us have been waiting for, the final showdown between cm763 and Close-Up Expert.

    Details will be revealed tonight around 8 PM EST, you DON'T have to be there at that time.

    Good luck to the both of you and may the best magician win!

  2. Are you still going through with the TA prize idea? Or no?
  3. where will the vids be posted
  4. Yes sir... the prize for 1st place will be Paul Harris' True Astonishment Set along with all the gimmicks besides 1 that I lost (that one isn't a MUST for a trick though). Second place will receive a high five for getting this far.

    As posted in my earlier posts, no part of this contest will involve videos. Everything is writing, trivia or opinions, tonight will also follow this pattern.

    Remember tonight at 8 PM EST, cm763 and Close-Up Expert will be competing for the PH True Astonishment Set.
  5. Let me get straight to the reason why we are here… Over the past couple of months, several magicians and members of the Theory11 forums have been battling it out to determine who will take home one of the most incredible and powerful DVD box sets of all-time, Paul Harris’ True Astonishments. After much controversy and debate, the time has finally come. Tonight, cm763 and Close-Up Expert will “go-at-it” one final time until we have a winner. It is now time to reveal the final task for you two…

    The following is 10 questions involving or pertaining to They could be scattered anywhere on the site, in the forums, under the tricks tab, etc. This competition isn’t about who gets it done first, but who is the most accurate. The contestant with the most questions answered correctly will take home the prize. In the event of a tie… there will be one question at the end of the 10 questions. The person who gets the closest or the person who hits it right on the spot will be declared the winner. Make sure to PM me the answers before Friday October 2nd 2009 at 8 PM EST or you will be disqualified. Without further a-do, here are the 10 questions:

    1. Which day of the week is a contest held on the Theory11 forums?
    2. Who is the last artist on the left on the Theory11 Artist page?
    3. What is the maximum amount of money one could put on a Theory11 Gift Certificate?
    4. Whose birthday is on September 9th?
    5. Name the 6 moderators that moderate the General Discussion section of the Theory11 forums.
    6. How much are 6 decks of regular red and blue back bicycle playing cards WITHOUT the discount.
    7. What is the section of which is still mysterious?
    8. Who is the first artist that appears on under the Artist tab?
    9. What was the most recent free 1-on-1 trick called?
    10. What is the most recent trick by Homer Liwag?

    Tiebreaker Question:
    Who will win the Monday Night Football game between the Packers and the Vikings?

    If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me… Good luck and have fun!
  6. We DO have a winner!

    The winner will be announced Saturday October 3rd at 8 PM EST!

    Be there!
  7. Why dont you just announce it now? lol...
  8. Aww...I won't be able to be here at 8pm tonight. I'm going to be without internet for the night, and most of the day tomorrow. Oh well, I guess I'll just see then, heh. :)
  9. cm763, Best of luck to you bro! :)
  10. We have a winner...

    The winner of Paul Harris' True Astonishment set is cm763.

    I thank everybody for being patient and participating in this contest...

    I hope everybody had fun...

    Until next time,

  11. Congrats man!
  12. Congrats cm763! :D
  13. Congrats cm763!
  14. Thanks all! :)

    And thanks DoctorMagic; it was very generous of you to hold this contest. :)

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