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Jun 19, 2010
Ok here is a list of what is going to be on the website

- Perching Tutorials
- Routing Tutorials and advice
- The Artsits
- Flourish Tutorials
- Card Video Tutorials (how to use sony vegas with effects ect)
- Preformence Videos
- Playing Card Reviews
- We To Start Off In Each Field (for eg were to start for cardistry xcm coin and card magic ect)
- DVD reviews
- Beginners Section
- Intermediate Section
- Advance Section
- Cardistry Section
- XCM Section
- Forum

Who are we?
At the moment there are just 3 of us Iocus (me) Acer and Partis and we each have a role in diffrent fields for eg Acer does Card cheating and Gambling sleights Partis does card magic and i do cardistry and XCM

When will we be able to check out the website?
At the moment not for a little while its still in the development process

Is it going to be a VIP website?
At first i decided it was going to be a VIP site but that would make the website dead if we didnt have hardly any people join it if they cant get into the website without a password

What style do you prefer XCM or Cardistry?
I use to do XCM for 2 years and i think 4 months but i am now getting into cardistry which i find harder but more closer to the art so i prefer cardistry even though im not as good at it as i am with XCM

Is this going to me a ameture site or a professinol site?
Well honestly i cant say its all down to opinion i hope it will be legit and good but think of it like this decknique was not a high end pro site it was ameture now look at it

Why do you spell words badly?
Because i have dyslexia i can type but some words i have trouble with

Will you want anyone to join the team?
Yes i am very willing for people to join i am looking for a person who is very good in diffrent fields for eg Pen spinning coin magic card manipulation stage magic illusions ect as long as it is very strong and you have put alot of time and effort in it i will be very happy for you to join the team

Why do percing tutorials its slow?
Well yes it can be slow but look at Andrei jikhs display when he put that on his video on youtube everyon wanted to learn it thats the effect we want we want percing to be used more that it is its a move that isnt explored we beleive that lots of people out there trying to learn every single move out there they havent taken the time and stopped what there doin looked back at moves and though "hold on i can do something with that" there to busy trying to do all the material on the DVDs out there

Will you be selling anythin on there?
We dont know yet possibly

Who do you look up to as your idols in this Art?
I look up to Brian Tudor mainly because everyone complains the teaching of his dvds but as Tudor says "The real satisfaction come's from making your own material" so when your watching his DVD's you have to conjour up ideas about the move work it out your self thats why Tudor inspires me but i also look up to Dan and Dave obviously and also Jerry C and also Andrei jikh

Do you do any type of card magic like manipulation sleight of hand ect?
I can do it but i havent been training my magic for a long time so i am going to start training it next year so i can keep up to date with everything becuase i was getting bored with magic when i was learing it it was always the same thing like you do a double lift put the card in the centre ect that just bored me but what i have seen now it has started to kick off

With the tutorials are they guna be shot in Hi res?
Yes i am going to be doing tutorials on one handed cuts because thats what i really like and yes hi res and blank backgrounds so theres no distractions

Will you be reaveling magic?
No that is not the aim of this if you want to see magic reaveled thats why youtube is up

Are you De'vo vom Schattenreich?
Hahaha no i am not i have been asked this twice already and no i am not i left Handlordz because of me and De'vo had a argument about the birdy fan

Do you have any other talents?
Yes i can also do drawings i have a taste for fantasy art so dragon ect just my type of thing geeky i know but hey what you going to do

Do you have any qoutes?
well i had one
Brian Tudor "Smooth = Slow"
De'vo vom Schattenreich "I'm busy thinking inside the box because everyone else is to busy thinking outside of it"
Iocus "it is not just the magic that can make a magician it is also the flourishes"

Any questions please PM me and ill answer and if ur guna leave a hate comment please do it makes me laugh
Jun 19, 2010
No no no well be getting all the content that we have managed to create the percing tutorial we wont teach basics only advnce stuff otherwise we would be taking stuff off of the XB disc so no wer enot stealing content
Nov 25, 2008
Thnks OOOO191 :D and @ penguin i might have misunderstood do you mean will i put things up on the website from other peoples work so lets say you made a cut and done a tutorial would i post it on my website like your video or do you mean would i learn it then do a tutorial

is this a major fail? because you posted this on the same account as 0000191....
May 3, 2008
I honestly don't think he made two accounts. Just because somebody else thinks it's a good idea then that means it MUST be the same person? Plus, the account you're claiming is also him has quite a high number of posts. He wouldn't be able to post that much in a few days.
Apr 6, 2010
l still think he is going about the this the complete wrong way, i mean he talks as though hes a pro, the site isnt offering anything new, in fact its just adding to the flood of wannabe Theory11 and Ellusionist sites, and lets be honest, he posted the same thread in three different parts of the forums do you really think he will be able to manage a complete site?

I apologise if i sound harsh, but someones gotta tell the poor chap...

EDIT: I also found that this just proves what we're dealing with...
Will you be reaveling magic?
No that is not the aim of this if you want to see magic reaveled thats why youtube is up
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May 3, 2008
Actually wait I take back what I said earlier this is definitely you posting from two accounts. That's a bit sad if you ask me.
Jul 13, 2009
Sad but a common practice, especially when it comes to product reviews or reviews/hype in general.
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