The Theory11 Mystery Package!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. I think it's legit.
  2. You have to be really naive to think that somebody of artists delivered you that .

    That's just not logical at all .

  3. And why is that Motas? Knowing Theory11, they would definitely do it.

  4. Well Casey, in that case you'd better capture those photos and save them on your computer well in advance so you can post them as soon as the clock strikes 11:00pm.

    If you dont, I will personally come the Charleston and whack you with one of these.

    Just kidding :p

    - Jenai
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  6. That's the plan. Might have to settle with a less heavy mace though. So I just knock him out and take it. And then I would avoid most legal troubles.
  7. Uh. JB's and the other artists have been in magic a LONG time. They know a LOT of people. Also, JB grew up in that area. Do you really think it would be all that difficult to ship a box to Charleston a week ahead of time and tell the person "Go to X address at 10:30 and call me. When I give you a signal, you're going to drop the box on the doorstep and hit the bell and get out of there. Got it?"

    I could organize that in under an hour if I knew someone in the area.
  8. It couldn't have been a week before, since how would they have known he'd be one of the first? Haha, it is possible though with crazy fast shipping.

    Anyways, congrats man on getting the package. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the new deck design and all the goodies they have in store. I know how you feel since I won a deck of Centurions the same way =p secret packages are always awesome.

  9. If someone was knocking at my door at 11pm, I would be pissed!
  10. That is REALLY awesome; and why wouldn't it be legitimate? I think it was as there would be NO reason for it not to be.

    If a company is going to make money on a new product, coming up with a GREAT hype or advertisement like this helps a TON. Hand delivering the item itself? Sure, some plane costs, but as a company, that pales in comparison to the amount of sales that you get from this very cool event.

    I, for one, am definitely going to buy some when they come out.
  11. The package was hand delivered because it only had my name on the package, no address, no return address, nothing but my name. They seriously flew all the way to Charleston to drop it off at my house. That's crazy. I WANT A VIDEO OF YOU GUYS DOING THIS!!! :p


  12. Some of what? You don't even know what 'they' are yet!

    Talk about blind loyalty...

    Still, this is pretty cool thing to do. Props to T11 for keeping the 'community spirit' alive!

  13. They are playing cards as mentioned in this thread already.
  14. Casey, only you got yours hand delivered. JB not only confirmed you got a package, but on page 112 in the cerca trova hunt thread, he said that the best package was hand-delivered.
  15. Why do people get so jazzed about customized decks of cards? Sure, they're cool to have in a collection, but they're impractical to actually use. I would rather get paid $1 for every time that I used a set of Guardians or a Ghost Deck and someone told me the deck was rigged than the money I make providing entertainment at local restaurants.

    Maybe I'm just old and jaded, but I'd rather just get a few new DVD releases. :)
  16. Yeah, but you have no idea what they look like. Are you telling me you would buy a deck of cards without seeing what they look like?

  17. Casey, just a quick question.... Can you tell by the box or the deck if it was created with WA007 again? Just wondering...
  18. I'll go ahead and be honest, I've used both custom and regular decks of cards. I settled on bicycles for many reasons, one of them wasn't 'because they don't arise suspicion'.

    The way you handle cards, or the types of tricks you do, will determine how your audience responds. I've performed with ghost decks, guardians, and who knows how many other decks and never had anyone ask or speculate 'trick deck...'

    It's not always about the cards, just like a little kid figuring out the coin went up your sleeve has nothing to do with poor technique.
  19. Hmm, that made me think, because I get accused of using a trick deck all the time. I just use regular bicycles. Do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?

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