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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Conspiracy52, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Dear j.bayme, why is it that if I click on newest (on the wire homepage), nothing happens? I'd really like to see a page where you can see every effect posted from newest to oldest, and I really don't want to post ANOTHER wire thread. There are to many! PLEASE RESPOND
  2. Hey so since this is the new wire stuff page... I thought I might report a... bug? It's not really one, but just something wrong? At the submission page, it says something about how to make a video look good, and then it says click here to see a video that tells you how, but theres no link...?

  3. Also, i noticed that B. Smith's video had the theory 11 ending, and had cool music... Does theory11 automatically add in the ending? Or did theory 11 make that one for B. Smith?
  4. Hey Tow,

    This functionality will be added very soon!
  5. Rupayan,

    Good catch - fixed! That video will be posted soon.
  6. hey J.Bayme - Another thing: If you search for an artist (like you know exactly what their name is on the wire) it does nothing at all.
    I don't know if that's been touched on.
  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. J.bayme, I noticed that so reviews on the wire are shortened (as if there is a max. amount of characters), but on the tricks page I see enormous reviews. Please fix :)
  9. A quick question regarding the teaching in the video itself. If there is a move that has been published (like Eric Jones's "eclipse") and it's in the effect we create, how does that work? Obviously credit will be given where credit is due, but do we need to contact that person and get direct permission? What if we can't contact them? Or is credit enough? I know this has been asked before, but I never saw an answer.

  10. Hey Jacob, by submitting your video, you certify that everything within your submission is your own creation, or that you have explicit, written permission to include it. The only exception would be something in the public domain - an age old move.

    Unless you have that permission, everything within your video must be your own. Just as I can't publish an excerpt from Harry Potter without JK Rowling's permission, the same applies. It's both a matter of ethics and legalities.
  11. What about flourishing? What if we want to upload a cut that is Sybil based?
  12. Got it, so besides double lifts, swing cuts, and basic color changes, everything throughout the effect needs to be our own. Thanks!

  13. Another question, could I sell 4 separate flourishes and then sell a flourish collection with all of them for a cheaper price?
  14. Hey, it's really great that you guys finally got this baby going. I remember years ago I would wonder what it was, and now it's finally here!

    Question: did you guys always know what it would be? Or were you, roundabout the time it disappeared, unsure what you were going to do with it?

    I'm genuinely interested. I'm sure that if I were running the show it would most likely be the latter, rather than the former!

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