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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bandvinyl, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Theory11 is full of mysteries, but there are none more mystifying than the Wire. The Wire section has sat mysteriously untouched since the inception of this site. We at theory11 have been quietly working behind the scenes for even longer. There have been numerous threads inquiring about the Wire, it’s become a small inside joke. Many have speculated; is it an AOL-esque chatroom? Is it a webcam chatroom? Is it an artist Q & A section? Is it a place where we can share our Wham! bootlegs?

    Now you will know. The wait is over; the power of the wire is in your hands.

  2. Good one, t11! :)

    I'll be honest, I fell for it. ;)
  3. OMG imao, that's better than what i expected ... ;)
  4. Ha! You bastard. (With all due respect :) )
  5. I was going to post the exact same words, but I thought it would be an understatement! ;) But they didn't get me once, but twice. LOL
  6. Wow... JB... wow..

    Fail on.. 11 counts... haha
  7. Actually, we've all been pranked. Notice the author of this thread has a space between "j" and "bayme" - my username does not. Although I'm sure this was posted in good humor, we banned the username tonight to prevent any confusion or mischief in the future. Well played, mystery JB clone, well played. You = 1. Us = 0.
  8. I think...I just felt a small piece if me die inside. What is happiness? I just forgot.
  9. Wow, and interesting, indeed. lol

    I JUST noticed this was his FIRST post, and that he joined in Aug of 2009...

  10. WOW! That is hilarious... I didn't even notice that.
  11. Well played, sir.
  12. and now i lost the game...again
  13. Ha! I didn't notice that at all.

    "I vait." "How long?" "I vait a week, a month, whatever." (paraphrased)
  14. Well play. I didn't notice it.

    However, we are still waiting for THE WIRE!
  15. Damn! i fell for it!
  16. I joined T11 recently, so I seriously don't know what it is. I have some ideas in my mind, but I don't know the exact answer.

    By the way, even if you know what it is, you can still expect for it.:D
  17. ......false.
  18. You're an ass Byme. I hope you realize that.
  19. Dear beloved Mr. Bayme,

    I hope you choke on a card whenever you perform Card to Mouth.


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