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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bandvinyl, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Good one.

  2. LOL, thanks for the laugh. I need one.
  3. lol clever
    I have to admit I fell for it lol
  4. I was caught, hook, line, and sinker, right up until I noticed that his post seemed a little bit off, compared to how he usually posts...hovered my mouse over the link, and saw the real one (odd how IE won't let you see the real link, but Firefox does). I'm curious, was it a Rick Roll? I never did click; I just assumed. o_O
  5. I hate april fools, on this day I do not believe anything or anyone!
    ! Is this really theory11?!?!?! IS THIS EVEN THE INTERNET?!?!
  6. ...Did any of you guys really think it was Bayme?
    For one, he didn't have an avatar.
    Two, his post was ridiculously short for Bayme.
    Three, roll over the link, it's a youtube vid (I didn't watch, can someone tell me what is was?)

    FOUR and most importantly-It's April Fools Day on Theory11.

    'Nuff said.
  7. Yes, he had the exact avatar as j.bayme, that's what sealed the deal. And yes; it was a Rick Roll.
  8. Was not me, sir! Check my real post eariler in the thread.
  9. Ahh, I apologize, I didn't see the thread until he was banned, and I forgot that one's avatar is removed after they are banned.
  10. Oops sorry Jon :p I just skipped to the last page due to my anger at being Roll'd. I take back my curse.
    My apologies.

  11. DEMON!!!!!!

    Magical update es needed!
  12. But you cursed "Mr. Bayme", not "Mr.Bayme" - I don't see an issue here.
  13. Sure sure....

    I checked it out last night. And to be honest I was a tad disappointed as I clicked the link because I was hoping that when the wire is revealed it would be a bit more creca trova-ish. I enjoy the hype/treasure hunts. ([FRAME])
  14. I'm coming clean, it was me. I started planning this one summer-night in August when I was bored out of my mind. For some reason I was thinking about Rick Rolls, and the few Rick Rolls that popped up last April Fools on theory11, I thought I'd try one. I set up a fake JB account immediately in case anyone else came up with the idea. I made sure that all of the details were exactly the same. I typed up the message, set a reminder, and then forgot about it. I remembered back in March, and set tons of reminders on my cell phone, iPod and other places, it was important that I not forget.

    When I posted this thread, the title was, t11.bulletin - The Wire : Unleashed (though I wish I had said, Unravelled.) I also had the j.bayme avatar and signature, so it was much more convincing when it was first posted, moderators changed it, but that's ok.

    I'm glad I gave some people a laugh, and I"m sorry I ticked off a few people but...

    April Fools!
  15. Not cool man, Not cool........ just playing you made my day. I had a lot of things in my head so I cald I got a laugh
  16. That was funny as hell. Well planned and executed.
  17. Ahhhh, well that adds another time onto the ever growing times it's gotten me! I believe you deserve a golf clap (*clap *clap)
  18. lol i knew it was not j.bayme although i played along ... because i can feel the love the real JB try to pass in every of his post ... ;)
  19. Man if only some of you magicians put this much effort and forethought into your magic and rehearsals... heh heh.
  20. hahaha. soooo true.

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