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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richard, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. If I decline the challenge, will it be counted as a lose and recorded in my account?
  2. Nope - only challenges that you accept can improve or diminish your rank. In simplest form, if you win a challenge, you win some points. If you lose a challenge, you lose some points.
  3. Jon,

    Are we able to have some form of Automated PM upon a request for a Challange/Acceptance/Decline/Deadline of a Challange?

    Are we also able to see photos of you in your underwear.

  4. help, i pressed accept on accident..................
  5. Sorry now you have to fight
  6. Where do you submit the videos? Do you just put a link up?
  7. do you have to click submit and put the link or what?
  8. Separate the flourishing with the magic. Whoever wants to only battle with magic on one side and flourishing on the other. For both they need to have permission.
  9. Okay so where doyou discuss who you want to battle with? I don't want to randomly challenge people, I'd like to be able to talk to people about who wants to battle and who doesn't? Do I go to the battlers thread that was made before this?
  10. It would be nice if there was a confirmation message after you submit your vote.

    great work.

  11. I am so gonna challenge Chris Kenner at "Five faces of sybil".

    To bad I can't make videos right now...

    Watch out Kenner!!
  12. btw why we can write a comment to the battles?
  13. This sounds ace (pun not intended but noticed after and intentionally kept in (Quote Derren Brown tricks of the mind)) so I guess I'll have ta get the vid cam out soon...
  14. AWESOME Idea about BATTLES!!!
    I'm gonna practice harer right now!
  15. I suggest some changes to the T11 Battle system :
    - a member should be able to create an battle as an "open room". He would describe the rules and would not have to "duel" someone but leave the slot blank
    - following my previous idea, there should be some kind of list of battles available. Any member would be able to check the battles available and their rules on that list. Then, a member could choose to join one battle or another.

    That system might solve the problem of multi-threads on Battles.

    I hope I was clear enough.
  16. Personally, I feel this whole battling thing was lame ever since I heard about people doing it years ago.

    My opinion is expressed from a magic point of view- as in, flourish battles are fine, because that's pretty much the only way to judge who's better.

    However, with magic, I believe the battles are just degrading the whole art.

    I mean, you're filming yourself doing something with nobody watching, and talking to a camera.

    And let's say you do some "street magic battle" or whatever...How do you judge reactions? How can you say someone felt magician X's trick was better than magician Y's? This can only be done if you could realy get into someone's mind, which unfortunately, a camera cannot do.

    I have many more reasons why battling is not good, but my mind is blocked right now.
  17. Pretty cool - an interesting idea, needs some polishing though. For example, a better way of viewing/organising battles would be good; maybe a search/filter function?
    The AJAX is cool. I love Mootools.

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