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  1. What were some of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to become the magician you are today?

    What was your most memorable moment in 8 years you've been doing magic? Good or bad.

    What was the turning point of your magic career and a major step foward to becoming a great magician?

    -Anthony Nguyen
  2. 2.Why did you choose this profession?
  3. (Here's some fun questions)

    1) Why do you like macs and why do you think pc's are garbage?

    2) If you got stuck on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere with just enough food to survive, out of any of the [now 14] theory11 members, which one would you make come to the island with you and why? (Katie Egleston isn't a member)

    3) How did theory11 discover you, or you discover them; Did you actually go to and click 'submit a trick' (haha) or did you know any of the 'elites' (chris kenner, aaron fisher, lee asher, or anyone else) beforehand, they saw your magic ability, and that's how you came to be an artist here at theory11.
  4. 1
    what advice would you give a young magician trying to make magic, into a future living?
  5. 3.How do you practice your magic/flourishing?
  6. 1. In your experience, why does magic work? What is it about these tricks that amaze people?

    2. What is it that makes a performance good or bad? What separates a professional magician from an amateur in terms of ability to perform?

    3. Be honest: cards or coins?
  7. 1) What was your inspiration to create prophet or any effect?
  8. you see a lot of young magicians post more and more of there videos on these kinds of websites, have you ever got inspiration from one of the amature magicians in a video?
  9. Tom, how old were you when you first showed a stranger a trick? Like on the streets.
  10. I think question #2 would be better if you changed it to "which artist would you eat?"
  11. 2
    what is the first trick you ever learned
  12. 3
    what is the first trick you ever made
  13. 1. What made you release Prophet with all of the variations of Patrick Page's Easy Money already on the market?
    2. How do you feel abuot the issue of pirating in the magic industry today?
  14. Boredom Questions:

    1. Are you a jedi ?

    2. If you had to choose to do a trick with one of these animals, what would you choose? Goat or the Llama?

    Serious Question:

    3. Who was your magic idol as you grew up?
  15. I've got only one question:

    You do a lot of gigs. Can you share some tips how you market yourself and promote yourself as a working magician? How do YOU keep yourself in business or do you have a manager/agents?
  16. 1) Is there a certain effect that you really wanted to master but had difficulty in attempting to do so?

    2) What was the most bizzare reaction you have ever recieved from a spectator/s?

    3) Is there an illusion you wish to create or discover?
  17. 1) Which genre of magic are you most drawn to (cards, coins, rubberbands, etc.)?

    2) Which genre of magic did you first start out with?

  18. Tom, do yo have any other tricks besides Prophet?
  19. Here are mine:

    Hi Mr. Bayme or hopefully Mr. Isaccson! I have a few questions, so here we go.

    1. So you've just performed a trick, but one person is making up their own explanation to the trick and revealing it to everyone else. To the "lay" audience they seem like it makes perfect sense, and begin to lose interest and doubt your magic. How do you save "the show"?

    2. In the Theory 11 Artist section how come your picture is the only one in black and white?

    3. You started magic at the age of 16. Did you have any other passions before magic?

    Thanks guys!

    Great questions everyone! Good luck to all!

  20. 1. If you had a mentor, how much did they affect your magic at the time and to this day?

    2. What would you do or what do you do to get inspired in magic?

    3. Do tricks and routines ever come to you in dreams?

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