"Think of a Card" (Before You Read)

Apr 7, 2011
the underground.
What's the FIRST card that comes to mind when one asks, "Think of a card"?

Post your response of the card you THOUGHT of BEFORE you opened this thread.

Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
Six of hearts.

In one of my shows the whole premise is the psychology of cards and in card games.

I psychologically force that card using a very deceptive clever method.
Oct 27, 2011
Six of clubs.

Also i think Psychological card forces are very subjective from person to person. The way one does it may not work for anyone else.

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Four of Hearts.

Being magicians we seem to stray from any particularly obvious cards such as the Ace of Spades or the Queen of Hearts - I doubt either of them will be mentioned in this thread. However, when I've asked laymen the same question most will pick one of those two cards or a court card.

And if this is about psychological forces, I may have just shot myself in the foot.
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