"Think of a Card" (Before You Read)

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  1. Seven of Clubs.

    It's a well known psychological force that most men will select the Ace of Spades as a "freely selected card" when put on the spot like this, while most women will select the Queen of Hearts. Oddly enough I've found that usually gay guys will lean towards the queen as well. Though it's a 60/40 that it'll be spades over hearts.
  2. 7C

    Brian Brushwood has some data on this somewhere online...not for magicians, but for laymen.
  3. Brian seems to walk the line of exposure quite a bit I've noticed. I'm surprised someone hasn't cried foul yet.
  4. Five of diamonds
  5. Two of Spades. Can't wait to see what happens!
  6. 4 of hearts
  7. 2 of spades
  8. 5 of hearts!
  9. same ! (word count)
  10. 4 of hearts or diamonds.
  11. 3 of clubs
  12. i thought of the 3 of hearts when i saw the post
  13. 3 of clubs as well. so? wats the result?
  14. Queen of Hearts. Just popped into my head.
  15. Jack of Clubs
  16. Four of clubs.
  17. 7 of Diamonds
  18. 3 of Hearts
  19. 7 of hearts

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