This guy is the Black Ghost Joker

I was just looking around across the vast wasteland that is the internet, and stumbled across a picture. This picture bared a striking resemblance to the Black Ghost Joker, then, under closer inspection, it turned out that it was exactly the same hand :eek:
This was surprisingly strange, seeing as this picture has been up for about 3 years, which I believe is before work on the Black Ghosts started. Hmmmmmmmmm

Edit by Sinful: Hey Tumbleweed, your font is nearly impossible to read. =P So I changed it back to default. If you wanna use different font colors, that's fine, but please make it readable. =P Thanks.


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Feb 8, 2008
Well, I've actually wondered about this for a while. I've seen this picture in a few different places. Go to the page and then wait for the changing pictures on the homepage for a few seconds. You'll see it.

There's a series of books by this guy Ravi Zacharias, and all the front covers of the books have this picture in the background.

I've been goin crazy over this for a while, lol.
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX
In reading that,realize that this thread is pointless.So yes,there was a point.

Btw that was such a cop out comeback.

But I disgress,continue with this 'discussion' if youd like.
Jan 13, 2008
All I can say is..."why does it matter"
Possible copyright infringement. They say "stealing" magic effects isn't okay, so why should stealing pictures be any different? :)

I'm hoping they got the owner of the picture's permission, if it is indeed the actual hand of the person from the picture, like Tumble speculated. Otherwise, the hypocrisy makes me laugh. =/
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