Thoughts on Little Man by Paul Harris?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sherlock, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Flow kills. Almost literally.
  2. Indeed, one of the things I would do as a magician is suspend gravity or something along those lines. I actually had one spec figure it out, I couldn't get myself out of it and I was just baffled and apparently they had done something like it when they were a kid.

    I don't use it anymore because the gimmick was making sick apparently.
  3. Quoted For Truth.

    This reason alone is why I love seeing effects coming out with Paul's name on it, it's like a stamp of originality and greatness. Hence why I'm super excited to see this effect come out, it sounds like the holy grail of effects

  4. I believe this is why the effect is so pricey, Paul must have felt very strongly about both the effect itself, and the method involved. He probably just didn't want some kid with a little extra cash to burn picking this up and not put the practice into making this effect look great.
    Chances are if you spend 300 dollars on something, you will practice it until you have it mastered.
    I guarantee that anybody that picks up this effect will probably be very happy if they put the practice into it.
    As with all of Paul's work, practice is key. The gimmicks will not do all of the work for you and you would have to have a degree of dedication to this one effect if you want it to play as in the description of the effect.
  5. Its one of those one in a million chances.
    But I also suspected i might get caught by a kid since kids play with that stuff.
    So its always adults or teen audiences jjuuuuuust in case. haha
  6. omg! finally! A Gumbi magic trick!!!!
  7. Im going to make stop motion animation without all the hard work now.
  8. Let's try not to speculate too much...the effect hasn't even been released yet. The method could be anything.
  9. Does not look very close to the advertising, and it seems to have way to much going on.
  10. I would have been P*ssed if I had layed $300 on it before seeing that. Okay don't get me wrong it's still pretty cool but I can actually see a lot of ways that could've been done.
  11. I think it's alright, but I do see a lot lacking, espcially from what the advert. claimes [bold for the emphasis]:

  12. This was supposed to be my Christmas present from my brother...I told him it would be worth the wait, that I don't mind not getting my Christmas present until sometime next year (this year, now). He's mentioned several times that I can choose some other things that add up to the value of Little Man if I didn't want to wait that long. After seeing that demo, I'm thinking I'll take him up on that offer.

    I don't know what to say about the effect, looks neat, and will probably entertain given the proper scripting/routine. However, I was expecting something a little bit different. I didn't want an "entertaining" effect, I was hoping for an "astonishing" effect. The small detail of him not taking actual steps, and instead doing a robotic shuffle (for lack of a better term), is what ruins it for me. It looks too...fake. I realize it's a magic trick, and as such there are limitations, but I assumed that when the words "walking" and "steps" were used in the ad copy, they'd actually use the real definitions of those words, and not take such a large liberty with the meaning. Sadly, that means the routines I planned out based off of the ad copy won't be able to come to fruition (at least, not with this particular product), and I'll have to pass on this effect.

    Like I mentioned, it looks pretty neat, and could probably be fairly entertaining given the right circumstances. But, to me, it's not $300 neat, and certainly doesn't fit the bill of what I was expecting (given what was said in the ad copy). But, there are some pretty big Paul Harris fans in the magic world, and for that reason I can see this effect still doing well, and that's great. :)
  13. Ahh this is too bad, I was really expecting a little bit more.
  14. This was my exact thoughts!
  15. Looks OK but not worth the 300 bucks for a small pad and some clay. Also the ad copy is kind of lying, he didn't take steps he sort of vibrated toward the thing. Which doesn't really look too magical.
  16. C'mon, did you guys really think it would be about to walk like a human, dance and flip a pancake? I still think its cool because it walks like its possesed. I think its deffently worth $300.
  17. It definitely isn't bad. The entire effect looks very flexible and contains a lot of magic.

    The ad did, however, heavily imply that it took real steps which made it kind of a disappointment. To a spectator though, this is still pretty incredible and I have to admit that I'm still fooled.

    I guess it doesn't matter because, regardless, I would never spend $300 on one effect.

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