Thoughts on Little Man by Paul Harris?

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  1. Huh, It's interesting, but there is too much going on. Adding the paper on to the body, the match, the heart, the bag underneath... It would be better if it was more direct. Definitely shouldn't be 300, but what ev...
  2. de we know if we really need to do all that for the little man to move?
    Ive seen many tricks on sale with ridiculous presentations and add-ons and when I buy it I can strip all that off or leave what I want and still have the basic effect.
    Once you buy it,the method is yours to tweak all you want. It doesnt have to be the way it is being pitched.
    Not saying im right or wrong,but something to think about.
  3. I think it said that you don't NEED all of that, it was just some silly way of giving him things to wear. The main problem is that it said he walks, when he just kind of vibrates toward whatever object or thing. It's not really worth the 300 bucks it's advertised for and really is kind of a disappointment.
  4. The fact people are getting hung up on one little thing is kind of disappointing. It reminds of the thread that people were complaining about Pressure. Also its not really vibrating, it's more like shakily shuffling across the bag.

    Now obviously your getting a gimmicked bag or something and for what you can do with it, its going to be electric. That in itself is going to bump the price up, plus there is the potential of it being remote controlled which bumps it up even more. Now aside from gimmicks, if the spectator can tear apart the clayman and find nothing in it on it or attached to it, that is perfect in my opinion. If the bag can be examined like a scotch and soda then that pays for itself even more.

    Another thing besides the potential of working with electricity, R/C, and cleanliness you have to take into account that the price maybe there to keep to many people from purchasing it. It's just speculation and slightly illogical but that may be another reason.
  5. That one little thing is what makes or breaks the effect. It's what takes away the thought of "it could be magnets, wires, etc" from coming into the minds of the spectator. Even if the little guy waddled like a penguin, it would be better than the sliding motion that it currently does, because it takes away any explanation in the spectator's mind. I'm sure this version will suffice for some, and that's cool; I hope they enjoy it. I still think there are numerous improvements that could have (and should have, in my opinion) been implemented, but I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I don't expect everyone to have the same requirements on magic supplies that I do, heh.

    Oh well, to each their own. :)
  6. My question is does it have to be a person? or can build two people and have them move.

    Pitcure buidling a guy on one knee and haveing a dog walk up to him, or two people slowly moving towards each other and hug. Think about that!
  7. Yep, all of that above the little bag.

    Besides if this was possible I think they would have advertised it as well :p.
  8. You can put the human where the clay guy in the demo walked to and have him stationary and then have the dog do what the clay figure in the demo did. The bag is not that little. I just hope two things can move and they don't have to be the same structure.
  9. Well since you are a perfectionist as well, I suppose I can sympathies with you, but there are limits to how far you can get to perfection. I can think of several different methods that conform to the original points advertised. One way I can think of is a remote controlled programmable thread system, the only one that I would buy would be PTS Sean Bogunia and it cost five times the amount of what you are getting with little man. For those who aren't all that great at math that's 1500 dollars. If there is a way to say...make a ghost slide a clay figure to a thought of object I will jump on that opportunity.

    So much potential in this so little money I have :( FROWNY FACE
  10. I already have about 6 different presentations for this in mind. I just don't have 300 dollar to spend right now. Otherwise I would definitely pick this up.
  11. With the proper scripting, people will walk away saying 'The little clay man walked'.

    People are easily influenced and will repeat what you say would happen (or did happen) after they leave your presence.

    If it can be done without all the extra 'clothing' and with a clay heart (I'm guessing you can, and originally he did, but the jewel was an excuse to bring out flash paper) then it has potential. It may arouse suspicion, as most magic you already do probably does, but a hands off-examinable-little man of clay walking across your table (remember to say across your table, not my bag) is a powerful effect.

    I don't own it, and don't have the money to purchase it, but after showing my boss the preview he look pretty astonished. Your spectators never knew about the hype, this is the first time they've seen anything like this.

    Don't get it if you don't like it, but what astonishes magicians and what astonishes laymen are completely different things.
  12. agreed.

    People will recount memories of things a magician never did. They remember it so much more amazing than it was. I thought magicians knew that by now?
    Wayne houchin(the guy ever teenager here knows) has said it before. In a youtube video. Theres no way you kids could have missed it.
    Im just gonna wait for a review from an unbiased working magician and judge from there instead of speculating on if I need to do all that junk in the video or if I can modify the trick my way.
  13. It kinda seems like you generally dislike the majority of the users of this website because of their age.
  14. Over 19,000 views on the Little Man thread over at the Magic Cafe would SEEM like quite the hype. It all came from the promise of a demo that never showed up until just yesterday...which was supposed to be available over a month ago.

    Add that to the equation that they were taking pre-orders on this thing before there ever WAS a demo out for us to see, and you have hype.

    And ya know what? This looks like a $50 investment to me.

    In short time, this price WILL come down because there will not be enough people willing to fork over $300 on something that "looks cool"...

    Sure there are a ton of applications for this effect...but $300? Negative...

  15. Their age has nothing to do with it. Its the maturity.
    One of my good friends is 15 years old. He's fun and a goofball but doesnt do/say half the dumb crud I hear/read from most teenagers who act like teenagers,if that makes sense. I single him out cause he's a magician too, he doesnt like to come on here though. Set up an account but never on.
  16. The only real problem I have for this thing is the price. Its worth 60 at the most.
  17. I suppose I see what you mean. I always saw this thread as reasonably mature though other than the odd person. Well, maybe that's just because I originated at the Penguin Threads. Now those have a lack of maturity.
  18. If you're a member of TheMagicCafe, like I am, or is following along, here's a link to TheMagicCafe with a many performance ideas for 'Little Man': Click!
  19. Huzzah I was wondering when someone would post it. I would of but apparently I am selfish.
  20. OOOOOH! Based on the video alone, I'd say PH has another overpriced dud on his hands! Could have done a much better presentation video of this effect. Who's advising this guy?

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