Thoughts on Little Man by Paul Harris?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sherlock, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I'm not really a big fan of effects similar to this, but this is something crazy and new.

    Read that, if that doesn't seem like a holy s**t moment then I have no idea what will amaze you. If this plays out like I think it does, then I believe I could make this into the best f****** thing somebody has seen, next to a highlight reel of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

    Any comments, and comments that don't deal with "OOOOOooo I think I know how it's done."
  2. Looks pretty awesome. Is there a video of it somewhere?
  3. It's really simple how it's done. It's just a double lift and you use a TT.

    Anyway I've been seeing this come up in some magazines and I want. I WANT. :D
  4. No there is no video yet as it was supposed to be released in october but they are having a few problems and they only want a video of the real thing. It looks really awesome if it was a bit cheaper I would have my hands on it soon after it comes out but its too expensive at the moment.
  5. Sorry dude, it's actually a little man hidden inside of some clay. Talk about see through. Geez, any audience will see that in a second...
  6. Dude, shutup, I'm Paul Harris!

    If the price was lower it would probably be on the youtubes within weeks, maybe days.
  7. Ive waited for this thing for too damn long. Ever since ive heard of it months ago.
    Since then ive created 3 scripts and a buttload of notes for performance.
    Im either going to make them cry with joy.
    Amazed at the capabilities of the mind.
    Or run away in horror.
    Horror is my favorite script.
  8. Dude thats soooo last year.
  9. Yeah, '09 is OUT!!!!!
  10. I'm always late to these things. Oh well, I'm happy and depending on the video I will be getting this after boot camp along with true astonishments.

    Finally have a real job, instead of getting once in a month gig. Freaking economy around here has been sucking and quite difficult to get a job dealing with entertainment.
  11. Awwww Shisnits!!!! I found about this like 3 months ago and I was like "im not telling anybody!!"

    Anyway, luckily for me the price will keep at bay a lot of people :).
  12. It looks like a nice effect. I can already think of the angle I'd play it at. Talk about freaky!
  13. oh man, could you imagine a voodoo routine with a psychic touch added in. That would be insane. I wish I had 300 to drop on this.
  14. Bingo! Exactly what I'm thinking
  15. Oh man, this effect could be the craziest thing I've ever heard of, if it happens like it says it happens, then oh man.

    just oh man.

  16. too much money ... for one effect, and I mean theres no actual preview video for it so people saying they are going to buy it is kind of wreck less thinking. Imagine if this method lets do down, shiiizzzzzniiittzz 300 smackaroos for a method that dissapointed you, I personally would not be able to sleep.
  17. I think it's stolen from a guy that invented this in the 70's. I was discussing the older method with another magician.
  18. Hmm... well Paul Harris doesn't really steal any effects to my knowledge. I remember when paul harris presented flow by dizzle the dan haussle hauss. Everybody was talking about ruining the reputation for Harris and it's just a cheap remake. Yet it was something I'm sure nobody expected and was such a clever method.

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