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  1. Post your three favourite items on The Trilogy DVDs.... one item from Tricks, one from Flourishes, and one more from Everything Else. I'll start.

    Tricks: The Queens

    Flourishes: Akira

    Everything Else: TG Murphy Deck Flip
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    Trick: Queens
    Flourish: Carnahan fan
    Else: Sybil
  3. I agree with filth.

    Trick: Hoffzy Osbourne
    Flourish: Jackson 5
    Everythingelse: Click Change.
  4. Tricks: The Queens (Defenetly the best)
    Flourishes: Madonna4
    Everythingelse: Hmm...don't know:p
  5. Seems like we all like The Queens a lot... Do you perform it live very often? Do you use the normal production at the end or use something different?

    For the final production, I break the top two cards with my thumb, execute the first part of Lee Asher's Ripper over the deck and then with the other hand I use my index finger to pull the top card of the deck forward and clipped the edge on the bottom front end of the deck. So they appear in a nice vertical line.
  6. I never perform the queens. i just like it. it uses sleights i really enjoy, and has a cool production. i use the sleights separately, i dont do the queens.
  7. Trick: Subway
    Everythingelse:S-LePaul Spread
  8. pretty sure theres no "Madonna 4" i could be wrong though. Anyway.

    Trick: The Queens
    Flourish: Molecule 4 (all)
    Everythingelse: Click Change
  9. Trick: Hoffzy Osbourne
    Flourish: Carnahan Fan
    Everythingelse: S-LePaul Spread
  10. tricks: 69
    flourishes: mecka
    everythingelse: the jones change
  11. Tricks: Queens (strangly, noone mantioned Tivo 2.0, and yet there are whole bunch of videos in media section with members doing it, and very little "Queens" :))

    Floruishes: Jackson 5

    Everything else: S-Le paul spread
  12. Tricks-Hand to mouth (so simple and direct) or Queens
    Flourishes-pandora is fun to practice as much as i suck at it
    everything else- TG Deck Flip
  13. tricks: deja vu
    Flourishes: akira
    Everythingsles: heapsnatch
  14. Tricks : Subway or Queens
    Flourishes : Pandora
    Everythingelse : Molecule Spring Production
  15. Tricks: Subway or Queens
    Flourishes: Molecule 4_ny
    Everythingelse: Realtime
  16. Trick: Subway
    Flourish: Molecule 4
    Everything Else: TG Deck Flip.
  17. Trick: none
    Flourish: sybilism
    Everything Else: under pressure i guess...
  18. Tricks: Card to Mouth. The one trick I perform most often because of the perfect misdirection.

    Flourishes: Pandora. For some reason, I like it better than the J5.

    Everythingelse: The Black-Jack Production. Perfect for going into Paul Harris' Reset. :)
  19. Tricks: Hand to Mouth has to be the most magical trick I know. Misdirection is so perfect. I can even get other magicians on it sometimes.

    Flourishes: Tough, I don't do much from the disc. I guess I'd have to say either Akira or Molecule 4.

    Everythingelse: Under Pressure, hands down.

  20. Tricks: Molly, Stacey, oh yeah that ***** who cut me off on the interstate.

    Flourishes: Rosette.

    Everything Else: Sybil.

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