Tricks to Teach First Graders?

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  1. I teach magic during the summer to kids in a day camp. I clearly stated before the summer that I can not teach any kids younger than 2nd grade, but somehow they forgot about that and I have on my schedule 5 groups (sizes ranging from 10-25 kids) of first graders that I need to teach (each group comes for 40 min) and they can't change the schedule until NEXT week.

    I am teaching the other kids (2nd grade and up) the Criss-Cut-Force and so far it has gone over well, but I feel first graders are way too young for that and can't even hold the deck for more than a few seconds before loosing cards.

    So what I need is ONE (or more) trick(s) that I can teach these first graders. Something that will take about 30-40 min to teach and that they won't think is boring or "too stupid."

    Can anyone help me?

    Uriel Nashofer
  2. The French Drop? :D
  3. I think that's a little too difficult. Maybe it could work, but I remember having trouble with the French Drop when I was in 6th grade
  4. Wizard's Apprentice?
  5. A key card trick maybe?
  6. He said that first graders can barely handle a deck of cards.
  7. balloon sticks to ceiling?
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the replies so far.

    French Drop - Too complex for even 6th graders, I've tried it last year - FAIL.
    Key Card - As DaveyG has said, I would like to steer clear of any card tricks idf possible.

    Keep em coming!
  9. Clipshift? joking

    What about that old salt through table thing?
  10. Too many props to give out, the fewer the better.
  11. What about the trick where you're slapping a coin down onto the table and it switches from one hand to the other?
  12. Heres one they will like, the cup float using your thumb, kids Ive shown it to enjoyed it very well...all you need is styrofoam cups :D
  13. That's probably you're best bet.
  14. Yes indeed. Actually Ayli, I posted that as my idea on the other forums. I even posted a super magical picture! :D But yes, even I enjoy this trick (but thats our little secret...)

    All the best,
  15. Great stuff guys! Thanks a ton! I completely forgot about that one with the cup...
  16. I wish I had thought of that! It's a great little, easy trick that can occasionally fool adults.
  17. Im glad I can inspire and help my felllow comrads...also have you thought of the dissapearing toothpic/piece of paper trick, the one where its taped at the back of the thumb?
  18. none, give them time to see and experience, teach them later.....its too much instant gratification for me.....
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    How about the "Broken and Restored Thumb"?

    But I agree with Micheal on this one:

    Or the "Vanishing and Re-Appearing Toothpick" trick.

    Or maybe the "Rubber Pencil Illusion" or the "Pencil Stuck to Hand (Finger Version)".

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