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  1. I is kind of bored hows about a simple triumph video.

    1. No black and white
    2. either music or patter
    3. The main effect must be a Triumph effect
    4. Note: Triumph meaning a card effect where cards are mixed face up into face down the ending revelation being that all the cards fave somehow righted themselves. Usually in the accompanied by a card revelation.
    5. One week (Seven Days) to prepare video.
  2. i accept send me a request and can it be a continuos shot wit no editing to make it fair
  3. Sorry bud I work like criss angel. :p Sure I can send the request.
  4. I'll battle you too. Send me a request. Gosh, I haven't done one of these in forever lol
  5. Never mind, I changed my mind.
  6. done
  7. Man I would so except that if I didn't send a battle already to someone else. If they fall out or you want to do a different battle just post something here. By the way I quite enjoyed that corner through table effect that I didn't get to vote on.
  8. Thanks bro. I cant think of anything at the moment but if you send me a challenge I'll accept.
    Just as long as its not too wierd.
  9. Sounds like a plan, I will send a battle challenge thing when I gots some time to kill.

    Oh and not wierd? So iff I said you have to do your favorite card trick blindfolded while wearing a mascot suit you will politely decline?


    I was totally not serious about that.
  10. Anyone else up for a triumph battle!! just send me a challenge!!!!!!!!
    Go on!!
    No wait actually dont bother cos you will lose anyway sucka!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. how the hell do i accept
  12. Click the challenge then there should be a button that says accept challenge or something along the line.
  13. Dude, you need to dial back your damn ego. You really aren't giving us a good first impression of you. You keep this up, and you'll be up there with MagicM*rest of name censored for discretion* and MagicL*rest of name censored for discretion*. And you don't want to be like those people.
  14. Mmmm..... Interestinng.

    Send me a battle challenge and I'll gladly accept.

  15. Oh this is gonna be fun. :)
  16. Finally somebody to shut him up. My vote goes to Justice already( just because of his mask)
  17. Exactly. Unless Jack has a kickass mask, Justice has already won.
  18. Thanks :)

    I'm still waiting btw.
  19. Sorry for the late reply boys, but got my lappy working now.
    Interesting reads above, thanks for all the comments. Love how you guys get sucked in to the false, just like your lives ( Justice is doing a good job though ).
    Now Justice, nice work, I see that your the only one with the balls(?) The other guys just seem to be hiding behind their words. I'm only fueling the fire to get challenges to find out if I'm the best. Because no accepted my earlier ones.
    (?) not sure if your a guy, or a girl with really hairy arms.
    Peace out all
    Hope you have a blessed week!!!
    Jack of the Sansui.
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    Make it non-live and you have your battle.

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