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  1. That was the WTF post of the day, congrats on the high honors.
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    Alright bro. do what you can. I'll change the challenge. (edited)
    Sorry for any confusion earlier apparently aussie sarcasm is different over there in the states.
    Jack Sansui
  3. ;)

    I'll be using music in my video thank you.

    Send the battle challenge again. (who knew I was so demanding?)

  4. Putting aside your childish insults, please allow me to explain something to you.

    There are certain people on these forums who never win a battle. Ever. They don't lose because they aren't "The best." They lose because people hate them so much that they would rather vote for the other person just for the sole fact that they aren't the person they hate. You are going to be one of those people. You won't get anything out of the battle system because neither winning nor losing will mean anything. We don't need more people like that.

    I understand what you are trying to do. But you're just being a dick. Please calm down man.
  5. I'm proud of being this guy buddy :D. He just said it all.
  6. non-live? Thats weak sauce.
    Then what would be the point? Technical prowess as always I assume.
  7. First of all, I've got nothing to prove to you guys (sorry if this sounds a tad offensive)

    Second, I have been performing for people for quite some time, I still enjoy it, but believe me when I say that with time it can be a little bit exhaustive. I decided that making performances and trying to entertein magicians (without being live or using patter) can be quite a challenge and it is actually fun.

    I understand your point of view and I totally agree with it. But you must understand that I'm not aiming for "those" kind of things here.

    Thanks for your concern in the matter.
  8. Its not about proving anything to us. But the point of battles were to improve live performances and gain insight on what can be done differently, To battle on technicalty is just..blah.
  9. I think the real reason why the battle system is here is to encourage competition to drive people to be better in general. Not just live performances, plus its incredibly hard to get good live video without a set camera man.

    To say that the battle system is only good if its live video is not true. In fact its easier to actually critique technical things when it is not live because you see everything.
  10. (Quick note just been cuising the forums over the last month and decided to get involved.)

    See that whats wrong with most people here, too busy getting stuck up on emotions. People should vote on what is displayed. We go around blaming refs in games for not being fair then when we are given the chance we purposely vote unfairly cos of our ego's.

    As for Jack your messages aren't coming across sarcastic, but hey dont tone them down if that the way you are just becareful of peoples responses. Just remember most people do magic as a hobby and have job so they might not be able to challenge as much as you might,just be patient, I'll give you a challenge sometime in the near future.
    Hey Justice why dont you send him a challenge if your a bit picky.
    P.S. are you really contracted out, Just cant folow the jokes around here.
  11. The contract is not a joke.


  12. I agree, but people will always have emotions, and emotions will always control people. I never said I was in favor of it, I'm just saying it happens.

    And welcome to the forums man! Please don't let discussions like this give you a bad impression of us, most of the people around here are great, helpful people. If you ever have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.
  13. I understand a whole lot about emotions. what I was saying is we are the judges and we are suppose to vote for the better. If two men box there is always one that everyone hate, but if he smashes the other guy but still loses no one is gonna like the fight no matter how much they hate him.
    Thats my opinion anyway
    Thanks for you offer of help. same goes to you. I've been around the scene for a little while now, but new, old and inbetweencos always help each other out.

    Have a good one!!!!

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