Unexplainable Magic

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  1. What magic have you recently seen that just left you baffled? In other words, you simply had no idea how it could be done. Give a brief description of the trick, who performed it and where you saw it. Thanks
  2. Child Birth
  3. Keo, who performed that trick?
    I bet it's more amazing than Paul Harris' Little Man :p
  4. You aint seen nothing.
    Try 3 child births and a dog. That will baffle the s*it out of ya :).

  5. LoL Childbirth. Yes, that is indeed pure magic, or so I'm told. I don't have any kids of my own. ...that I know of.
  6. That's a good discussion.

    Just this morning, its not the actual performance but still it baffled me. Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson. I saw this at the dnd website, on demand...

    A borrowed deck is shuffled thoroughly by three spectators.Then one card is selected by one spectator.Example the 3 of clubs. The card is returned in the deck and the deck is divided into four packets wherein each spectator and the magician has a packet. The spectator who selected a card throws one card on the table from the top of the deckface down, then the other two spectators and the magician throws one card face-down from their own packets. This cycle is repeated until the spectator who selected a card decides to stop. The magician asks the said spectator to turnover the card on top of the remainder of his packet, it is the three of clubs. The remaining two spectators and the magician turn theor top cards over only to find out that they also have a three. A four of a kind is produced in the most unbelievalbe manner.
  7. That's Shawn Farquhar's trick, 'Signed Sealed and Delivered.' I believe it's slated to be released later this year.
  8. On the Cyril vid - The guys face at 3:52- 3:53 is great
  9. Oh man. I forgot about Reza's switchblade illusion. I have no idea on that one, when I first saw it I thought it had to be a camera trick.
  10. I've had that Reza Switchblade illusion favorited on youtube for quite awhile and forgot about it. It's very good. I tried multiple ways to replicate it and none of them would work like his does.
  11. Inexplicable*
  12. dan sperry's hair...its a mystery .....

    no seriously.....david blaine teeth trick where he removes the lady grill and spit them back in....i wanna know that one sooo bad...
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    Actually the plot has been performed by many including myself ranging from the older days of Mason to my recent release of the Pandora System each has their strong points.

    The Pandora System.

  14. I know it's been around, and I'm thinking about getting the Pandora System at some point. But from what I understand, Cyril uses Shawn's exact method.

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