Vanish a straw....In Ketchup!

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  2. The trick itself was a neat idea, but the kid performing it is a little annoying and reminds me of Ashton Kutcher on "Punk'd".

    "Oh, yo, yo, yo... dude, dude... like check this out...bam!!! Fo shizzle...Bam! Bam! Sweet, Sweet Sweet, right?"

    So, I don't think I would purchase it from this person, because I can't imagine they are very professional videos, PDF, whatever it is that it comes in, I just see it being made by teenagers and not being taught in the detail we all like.
  3. Ok yo yo yo this trick is the shizzleness of all tricks and produced in the sweetest quality eva! Dude yo will love it!

  4. It´s good but I wouldn´t perform this, you end with your hands very dirty and it was disgusting that dude got a zip with that straw... and then he eat a fries with that ketchup!!!awful!!!

    is very messy, so it cannot be used in a routine because the nature of the trick, you must go to wash your hands after the effect

    and yeah, maybe is a good effect but that kid was creepy so that doesn´t encourage anyone to buy this
  5. haha. Ok this was a joke guys. We didnt think anyone would actually belive this lol!
  6. I guess you...uhh...had to be there. :confused:

  7. I imagine, you really did want people to believe you, but now that the crowd is turning on you, you have chosen to play it off as a joke. Which is very childish. When an audiance turns on you, you must look at what you did wrong, and not try to make an excuse up.

    The trick is cool. But a little messy, the kids annoying, and it is a bit gross.

    Improve thosethings, and you might have something solid.

  8. No even check the tags its labelled as "spoof". If you really thought you would go into a burger king and stick your fingers in someones ketchup, start eating from it and USE the straw to drink from guess you may want to change your performance style.

    On our end over here we are all laughing sorry for those who dont find it funny, sorry, i owe you back 2 mins of your life then (we know how it feels)!

  9. Spoof is a comon word that can be set as a tag to obtain views.

    Also, I never said you'd just take someones ketchup. You could be polite and get your own, and then eat it.

    I wouuld say you need to adjust your style and grow up a bit. "Yo, yo. You see what I am saying my diggy dog, boy... son? You got tha homie status, slice...hizzle...word?"
  10. The whole video was meant to be a joke.Making fun of the new single effect release trailers.
    Of course,it wasnt that funny. But I seriously doubt the kid speaks this way in a regular basis.
  11. Well, if you're correct my friend, then this thread is useless and can be closed.
  12. I believe that this was made as a joke, but not a funny one at all, even less funny then the video that Zachmonkey posted up recently.

    Also, I thought visualartist would love it, I think it would go great with his hamburgers-out-of-nowhere! (That was you, right visualartist?)
  13. Haha yes,it was me. I actually thought about that too but im working on two other ideas to accompany the burger appearing
    so this particular effect didnt strike me much.
    For a spoof it looks pretty cool though.
  14. I'm not sure how people were thinking it was real...the kid was a total [insert expletive here], and you could hear laughter in the background...the latter of which is a good sign of it not being a serious video (the former just being sad :().

    But yeah, like I mentioned, I guess you just had to have been there, because I didn't find it funny in the sleightest (see what I did thar? :rolleyes:). For a funny spoof video, refer to Infant. ;)
  15. Yeah, I actually know the kid in real life. This was a joke, but yeah...He's actually got some serious sleight of hand. Jussayin'.
  16. I second that hahah. If you did this trick and made this mess at a resyaurant they would hate u lol. The kid was VERY annoying in it and I dont see why you would do an effect like this and be joking about it.
  17. Haha thats the way we wanted it. And why would you do an effect like this and be serious? Its a total joke haha! He even starts laughing in the end saying buy it now haha. Sorry though for wasting your time.

    Just for fun...look out for wednesday for a real life performance, we dont know how it wll work but... that....will be funny.

    PS This is never going to be sold like this as its a joke so if you belive this is an addvertisment it is not.
  18. Guys, please keep things on a positive note.

    Dylan P, the video was obviously a spoof, there was no need to criticize.

    Vorezo, I thought the video had some funny parts, and to be honest, it fooled the crap out of me at the beginning.

    I won't close this thread, because I don't see it as a useless video, like some of you do. It was a funny idea, and people are entitled to post what they like, it was magic related and had some humor in it. I don't see anything wrong with that. However if this thread gets more hating, or turns into an argument, I will be forced to close it.

    Stay awesome,

  19. Lol, I love irony.
  20. ahhhh

    I actually wanted to buy it...just kidding, but funny video.

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