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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by popchris3, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Yes, the battle between myself and Philal (who doesn't actually post here, but it had a battle system!).

    Now, go ahead. Please be easy on us. We were kinda just hanging out on the internet doing this, neither of us really did our best, so... You know. Just don't say anything too harsh.

    Watch em' both and please vote. Thanks for you guys who do this and actually vote after reading this... Those who don't are grumpy meanies! :mad:

    :eek: I just went there!
  2. Both of your videos were great (yours and the opponent, even though it may seem rush). Popchris3, you have my vote.
  3. Thank you! You are really cool, you actually spend your time voting in these things and giving feedback. Don't be afraid to give negative feedback though, it is alright to give it.
  4. I'm in this battle. Yayyy. lol. Thanks SKSleighofHand, even if I didn't get your vote.
  5. Philal, you are actually posting here!
  6. I know! Seems like a nice place. i like the simple design of penguin more, but this is cool.
  7. Philal:
    Your performance is too cluttered. You give us far too much info and far too much to think about, the attention fades away quite quickly. Your "failure" with the ace was impressive, it wasn't too obvious that it was on purpose you know? you actually lived into it. The ending was very anticlimatic tho because you dropped the cards, and you didnt get to present them well with a "hit in the face" amazement. But you delayed it, and it killed the climax. However the effect itself would have been very cool otherwise, your performance was great and there was no doubt that those cards you put down were actually Kings, but it could have gone far better.

    You had a theme, a good presentation, a good climax and an awesome kicker. I love how you present it with the "fast hands" theme because, audiences can relate to that. Alot of people just thinks that these are fast hands, and at the end when you gathered the aces you fulfilled your expectations, but then came the kicker which was really a hit. Solid performance mate, good job!

    Vote goes to Popchris.
  8. Ok, neither were live, so I didn't vote. But here are a few things that I liked/Disliked about both you guys videos...

    I agree with everything Orb said about you. Also, you were doing that weird swaying side-to-side thing that we see quite a bit here, you may not even be conscious that you are doing it, but it looks very amaturish and annoying.

    It was nice that you used patter, but honestley, I think that the "Fast hands" patter is overused, the trick itself was nice though. Not much else to say about this one...

    Just my two cents....
  9. Ok, I like to see live performances as much as the next guy, but that's not a reason to not vote. Sure if performing live was a requirement but, it's not! C'mon guys.

    Anyway, my vote went popchris3. Philal, way to much pointless patter inbetween productions.
  10. Thank you, and I agree. I was just trying to find a good presentation quickly, because I had a like 2 minute window to film something... lol.

    I know it is clishe', but audiences don't care. I honestly got another gig performing THAT same trick with that patter yesterday. Not kidding.
  11. to be honest, neither of the tricks were orginal or that slieght dependant. Philal made me laugh with the bleep thingy, but all in all, needs a lot more practice.

    I disliked much the whole "deck reassembled in new deck order" thing though. It was lame. Its much better if its left as " i lost and found the four aces, but left the deck in new deck order" type of thing.
  12. That's true, magic is for the spectators, not the magicians. If cliched patter works with laymen, more power to you.

    Um..You're saying tricks depending on sleights are the only good ones? Care to elaborate?
  13. 2cents: Tricks with more difficult sleights usually are more visual and overall better tricks to view.

    On the other hand...

    I didn't enjoy Philal's at all. Kinda funny but the patter and him swaying and being nervous made me wanna stab my eyes out. Sloppy, boring, unoriginal. Just my opinion and not ment to be mean.

    Popchris3, yours was smoother I suppose, better in my opinion. Not entertaining, didn't like the patter and could use practice.

    I could care less how much time or if you say you didn't really try. You should always try your best when your posting it up on the internet, some guys just may come and bash the hell outa you, and it feels better to get compliments.

    Anyways, last part wasn't directed at you in particular but just saying, all the 12 year old "magicians" out there are already giving away everything and sucking so much we need everyone here on Theory11 to be more professional. And no I'm not saying your a 12 year old kid doing that lol.

    Good job both of you, i guess.

  14. Thanks for all the kind advice. Today I will script my effect and maybe in a month I can release to you a much better video. I will surely delete this one when the battle is over.
  15. Why? Aren't you here mainly to test and improve yourself? Not showing off? Looking back at this in awhile, say a month, will surely be a good lesson. Not just because of you, and this video, but it applies to most people. I assume that you will evolve within a month and you can therefor analyse your previous mistakes with objective eyes.
    Don't be ashamed of being on a spot everyone has been at, at some point.
  16. no what i ment to say was the slieghts executed werent done perfrectly, or in some cases, very good at all. my bad for the confusion.

  17. Because it was simply a bad performance now that I look at it again. Nobody wants to see bad magic. I can keep the video on my computer to further look at later.
  18. Something is wrong with that statement, if you cant figure it out, then something is wrong with you buddy.
  19. Something is wrong with YOU "buddy". Do you have nothing better to do other than go around trying to act like or mod or pick people apart? Seriously..

    My point: Most trick that include harder sleights (in general) are more visual and appealing to the eye and for spectators. There are the ups and downs of them but anyone with a brain knew the general idea of my previous statement.

    It wasn't really "bad", but more.... idk. Needs practice, you need to RELAX, that'll make you 10 times the magician.
  20. Okay so trying to spark some good discussion is bad? I would love to see him to go a little more depth in his statement, I challenged his statement, not him, on the other hand the best thing you could came up against me was to bash me directly, well that talks a lot for you buddy.

    Its so easy to talk, I would love to see you backing up your comments, I at least know that I can;).

    Grow up.

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