Wayne Houchin Working with Ellusionist Again?

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May 31, 2008
Nice. You've just seen a 30 second teaser of the DVD that shows almost nothing of the material, and you're already saying you are getting it for sure?

That's marketing for ya.

I have to agree, that's not smart thinking.
Wayne is a good artist, but at least know what you're buying before you buy it.
Just cause Wayne's in it doesn't mean you will like the effect.
Think before you purchase.

Do I see myself actually performing this?
How could I work it into my routine?
Does it fit my criteria?

These are questions we should be asking ourselves before we buy.

No, I know about a lot of the effects on the DVD. I saw them at his lecture. He mentioned that they would be released so I'm assuming that this is where they're going to be released. I'm not an idiot, although I've never seen anything bad from Wayne.

Its not about that. It's because it's W:H and pretty much everything he's released, everyone loves, and to expect that this next one will be the same is probably the reason why people are saying that they will go and get it right away.

It's kind of like seeing a movie with many great actors, if someone just told you that there was a movie with those acters, people would want to see it because they have been impressed with their movies before.

Yep, I saw a thirty-second teaser for the Star Trek movie a few months ago and I immediately knew that I wanted to see it. I'm seeing it tonight! Live long and prosper! (I'm a geek)
Just read on the E blog that Houchin is working E again on his next project called the art of magic. umm what?!?


Teaser: http://www.ellusionist.com//wayne-houchin-art-of-magic

hey if wayne goes on the record and disses E or doesn't want to do work with E, it really kills the whole theme of theory 11, which is all artist with different perspectives working as one.....so kudos to mr. houchin on that....
Gotta admit, i'm looking forward to this. Everyone knows that W:H releases quality material, so i'm hoping to see something great come from this. As for him releasing it with E, I honestly couldn't careless. Remember, respect for the teacher, the individual presenting it to you. He could release this under Peaches & Cream Porno Productions and after a quick double take :)eek:) I wouldn't think twice. It's Wayne's material, that's atleast good enough for me to look into if nothing else.


Sep 21, 2008
daveygs might be a geek at times...but he's right on this one. I've seen a few of the illusions during Wayne's lectures and he mentioned it will be in his next project.

Wayne's reputation and quality speaks for itself. Until he proves otherwise that he is just releasing something to make money, you got to give the man his well deserved benefit of the doubt that this will be realistic illusions that everyone will use.
Nov 10, 2008
Upstate NY
I just wanted to say one thing... working with E, doesn't me collaborating with them, just that he will release his product their as well as on his site!
Oct 21, 2007
Bergen County, NJ, USA

I've wanted to use this one for a lone while.... Sadly it doesn't fit the thread. I just wanted to finally use it.

Anyway, this is a pretty off topic thread. I don't think we will further anyone's magic by simply whining about Wayne releasing something through himself and E.

What Wayne does is his own business and we should respect that. I'm sure the DVD will be great.

Aug 31, 2007
Just to chime in, the trick with the ring, string, and envelope is very awesome. The people who went to his lecture know how simple and great the trick is.
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