What are your other hobbies?

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  1. +1 for beatboxing. Although for me it's more of a habit than a hobby
  2. HA! (wordount)
  3. -I play the bass
    -I swim, wrestle, and wake board
    -I love music and movies
    -An I'm absolutely obsessed with the shows Man v. Food and Diners, Drive ins, and Dives.
  4. Diners, Drive-in and Dives rules!
  5. I'm a stand-up comedian (not a comedy magician, those two beasts I like to keep separate)

    I read comic books. I'm also writing one [shameless plug] check out my page for more info. First issue is free if you're interested.

    I also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. Plus I am getting into an RPG called "World of Darkness"

    So basically I'm a huge nerd...
  6. I play Piano, Guitar, and Clarinet.

    I juggle,used to do some devil sticking, but i just got into the torches, adds a whole other level.

    Yo-yo when I get the chance.

    I like reading a lot. But i run track and play soccer.

    I used to be really into the Rubiks cube, but i kinda stopped for a while.
  7. I've been playing piano for most of my life, I love photography, good music, reading good books, and fashion. I also love magic :)
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    I play Violin currently, and I can play viola if needed. I also play French Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium, Baritone, Tuba, basically all the brass instruments. :) I love any sort of music, with a good beat. Electronic, Alternative, Punk, Rock, you name it, I probably like it.
    I also ride a unicycle. Basically, I'm a one man freak show. :)
  9. I am an avid gamer, both Table Top, and counsel. I've been a national tournament level competitor for both YuGiOh, and Magic The Gathering in my late teens, and early 20's. Though, sadly, I'm no longer active in the TCG market. I am very active (though I suck at) Call of Duty Mod 2, and Black Ops, and Team Fortress 2 for the Xbox Live. I also have an on again off again relationship with WoW on the WinterHoof server, and am looking forward to the new Star Wars MMO.

    I've been a role player, and game master for the past 14 years, and have ran games in systems like BESM, D20, White Wolf, and Fusion. My favorite RPG system is Tristat/BESM (although the system is now dead, with no support since the manufacturer went out of business), and Star Wars (by WEST END) games is a close second, Star Wars D20 being my third.

    I love war game scenarios, and am an avid paint ball player. True story: I almost went pro in my early 20's with aspirations to play for team AVALANCHE, but due to a massive ankle injury I was put out of playing on almost any level of competition, so I returned to doing magic. I am still a weekend warrior though, and I have a growing interest in Air Soft.

    that's really about it when it comes to my hobbies. I'm pretty simple... I love playing games.
  10. I enjoy Photography making short videos, basically just synchronizing clips to music. I love music. I used to play the drums, I still do from time to time but right now i'm learning to play the guitar. I don't know if you should call these hobbies but I love certain sports, particularly skateboarding,rollerblading and football or as some of you may call it "soccer" :p
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    I am a semi-professional writer of scifi, basically just means I write stories and submit them to publishers if they pay, not enough to live off of. Coffee, beer and wine are my favorite things in life at the moment. I also work on costuming, set building and design for a local haunted house. If you are interested in the haunted house and in the San Antonio area downtown, check out the 13th Floor Haunted House. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFajU2HMuVg

    Couple of teasers of rooms I've worked on:

    [IMG width=400 height=200]http://anony.ws/di-9XFA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=400x200]http://anony.ws/di-TXZ4.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=400x200]http://anony.ws/di-ZF8Q.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=400x200]http://anony.ws/di-KGIH.jpg[/IMG]
  12. I ride a 36" unicycle (coker) for exercise and fun. I also ride a 24 and 29.
  13. I do speedcubing, which is Rubik's Cube solving. I average about 13 seconds.
    I play trombone.
    I like music, but mainly jazz and classical. I can't really get into rock, pop, and rap.
    I program computers.
    I'm a good poker player.
    I'm a Star Wars nerd.
  14. I've been doing Tae Kwon Do for 5 years (currently 1st Dan Black Belt). I also do some web design.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZEdDMQZaCU&feature=related

    The Old Republic looks so-so, I'm more looking forward to Guild Wars 2 and Skyrim.

    For the most part besides magic, I usually enjoy traveling when I can afford it and when I get the chance.
  16. I play guitar, and fill in for a number of guitarists in local bands when they cant make a gig, everything from folk music to heavy metal to trad, but im not interested in being in a band full time, tried it, it wasn't for me.

    Im not sure about him but i can, i find it relaxing, similar to a cat purring, i like to play it when i wake up very early and there's nice weather out, i sit out back with my tea and cigarette and play for a while, it's addictive once you master circle breathing.

    (Thats another thing, might seem off topic but regardless, I smoke. The complete wrong habit for a magician some might think. This might even deserve a thread on it's own, feel free to make one. But it's never affected me whatsoever as a performer, nor what people think of me, and I love performing smoke by derren brown. Doesn't matter much now, as I predominantly perform from behind a table.)

    Like Draven, I have a recently developed interest in airsoft. Two of my close friends have an incredible passion for this rapidly growing activity, to the extent that they have gun collections that are the equivalent of those massive card collections people have been posting on dan and dave's facebook recently. To those curious, airsoft is an army simulation role playing game, using pellet guns. On dedicated airsoft sites, that have the insurance and permits (which is needed in ireland) , army grade flashbangs and smoke grenades are used to make it as realistic as possible.

    I love poker but i dont gamble so I only play with friends for small amounts.

    Im a qualified chef and still love cooking, though i haven't worked in a kitchen in over a year, it's not what i want to do.

    I really enjoy tasting different beer from all over the world, but still have yet to find one that I like more than guinness.

    And lastly i like helping organise events. Im doing a number of charity events with a friend for a trek through the grand canyon, im helping her raise money. And i recently helped run the first year of a town busking festival, which we hope to make an annual event.
  17. I rock-climb, play the violin (7 Years and still going strong), play volleyball, play Ultimate Frisbee, and love reading.

    Not quite as exciting as the rest of you guys.
  18. In that case I 6pool then GG.
  19. Wait you have other hobbies besides magic?........Just kidding. Other than magic I have been an art nut for God knows how long now. Stuff like graphic design, photography, photo editing, videography, some video editing and 3d modeling. I love experimenting with new ideas and seeing how they come out. I actually just got back from shooting a wedding. lol But other than that I am into the martial arts and sword fighting. I've studied both for years now. And I am also an avid Nerd so add video games into the mix. So yeah i'm pretty much all over the place.
  20. I am so excited for Guild Wars 2. Definitely going to be the best MMO ever made.

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