What can I do with magicians wax?

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  1. So among other things my grandmother got me some magicians wax for christmas.


    So what are some effects to look into that use magicians wax?
  2. Card to ceiling. It's one of those tricks that can be a reputation maker.
  3. what can't you do? you can stick things together? does it get any better?
  4. +1 on card to ceiling. If you do any thread-work, it comes in handy.
  5. Kaos card through Window.

    If you know the method the magicians wax can make the effect really clean.
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    Magician's wax is for twisting yourself a magical mysterious mustache.

  7. Card Through Window seems like the most common choice.
  8. There are some many things you can do with even just a little bit of wax. You'll find more uses as you learn more about magic, and be thankful you have it.
  9. Matt's use if by far the best and most practical use for it. :D
  10. I've used Bob Hummer's Floating card, which obviously uses invisible thread and magician's wax. Just a little side note. Orthodontist wax way beats out magician's wax. It comes off cleaner with a swipe of the thumbnail (card through window), and is a lot clearer color than others. My favorite choice. Just for you information. Hope this helps!
  11. Probably cheaper, too.

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