What deck do you use ?

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  1. I only use Guardians. I've been a huge fan of their look and feel. I rarely perform with anything else.

  2. Why does the internet give people false courage? People really love to say anything they please when behind the safety of a computer screen. If you were actually talking to me, that is not how you would had talked. So why type like that on here?

    Also, other day I walked into a stationary store. The first thing I saw was about 15 Svengali decks on the shelf. They were pure plastic, had no finish, were bridge bridge size, and had a completely different back design. It's because of that, laymen think that most trick decks are not printed on normal decks. So to say that laymen think that way is not true....... uhhh.... illogical things depress me.

  3. Yes thats true,but I have yet to hear anyone ask me if I use trick decks. I think for some people it might be the way magicians perform with their cards. If doing close-up to random people and you pull out a deck of cards,if it was me,id immediately think of a trick deck if thats what a magician is going to open with. But if he starts of with some random object or anything else im likely going to give him and his skills more credibility than the cards when(if) he pulls them out later in his routine/act.
  4. Yeah, I don't use gimmicks that much, but anyways, I used to carry around like black Ellusionist custom decks. Now I HATE THEM. People used to think those were trick decks and then when I brought regular bikes they said "OHHH!!! Hahahahaha you can't do magic with them". I showed them a trick and they shut up a little.
  5. The only time somebody asked me if I used a trick deck was when my idiot friend decided to rummage through my room and found my Invisible deck (which I thought I had hidden well enough.). Made me want to smack him. Then he just kept thinking every deck of cards I had was gimmicked. Made me want to smack him even harder.

    Rule #1: if you are a guest at somebodies house. You don't go looking through their bedroom. It's rude and will pretty much cause you to get a beat down.
  6. Gimmick decks arent bad. The rising card is a great effect. But,like so many magicians/hobbyists ive seen,if you open with that effect suspicion will automatically arise.
  7. Gimmick decks are actually great if you use them at the right time. Like an Invisible Deck can become a miracle if you've already done a few mind reading effects before hand.

    With the other decks. I'd say just do a simple deck switch and then do whatever effect you have in mind.
  8. To answer the question I have one smokes deck and one guardian deck.
    Been using those for over a year.
  9. Me and you both. I just like to keep the doors of doubt shut and not open them. I've used many kinds of decks, but I just think that Bikes look familiar. So.. In my case... My favorite feeling deck happens to be the cheapest there is and the most known. Why not perform with them? That's just my situation.

  10. I tend to like the E Master Deck. They're pretty much exactly like regular bikes. Just with a thicker stock and maybe the Ace of Spades is a bit fancier. Tho I have been using their ghost deck every now and then.
  11. bikes n ho's

    I use bikes n ho's. and I do carry some gaffs with me on occasion. Just two double facers to use in ryan swigert's kickback routine. it's a great routine.
  12. Randy your totally right I love gimmik decks but normal decks sometimes are better if you can do some cool skills with them!
  13. Yeah,I completely agree with what your saying. I dont pay attention to all that BS about the feel and stock. Cards are cards. Tools. Just cause one guy has the" best" hammer by craftsmen doesnt mean he's any good at building or fixing things. My basic hammer can do the same crap. Yours is just a bit prettier than mine.
  14. as much as bikes are praised i don't like them when performing...because i like aviators.....bikes are too noisy....i prefer aviators....bikes are better for flourishing..since i'm not a flourisher...i have not much use for them....
  15. i really don't care....aviators are just preference but i agree with you 100 percent...
  16. Agreed. A lot of these cats these days think because they have every single deck out there makes them better or makes them able to perfrom amazing tricks, when really the deck of cards doesn't mean nothing; its what you are capable of doing with the cards which actually mean something.

  17. bikes and ho's...haha....
  18. so true.....
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    i can't agree with you more on that,
    most of the time i don't carry around gaffs

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