What Do You Carry?

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  1. what is Color changing knifes and Out of control Queens?
  2. I agree impromptu magic is a GREAT way to go and everyone should know some. Regardless, if we are talking about just everyday stuff that don't require the forethought of "Just in case" mine is a deck of cards, and thumbtip. As for Non-magic, but can be used for such, items - pen (For writing down ideas), lighter (I don't smoke), and my cell phone (For that every so often amusement)
  3. A Tally ho circle back deck =D
  4. 1 tally ho
    1 bicycle vintage fan back
  5. A deck of cards and one coin.

    No more room, because my wallet and cellphone fill almost all of the pockets.
  6. I carry a loop on each wrist, a couple decks of cards, one with Osterland's stack, one regular. I also carry a sharpie and I always wear my PK ring. I can pretty much accomplish any miracle I want to with these objects.
  7. I carry certain things when I'm in the mood for them:

    Superman (Coin Bender)

    (always) Ghost Deck

    Coin Master (isn't very famous, but still an excellent coin vanishing gimmick)


    (Just ordered it, can't wait!) Distortion


    (when I'm walking around indoors) HoverCard

    I have a few more things that I use less with walk around magic.

  8. Deck of cards, pen through dollar, and some money.
  9. I agree, the only other thing that I have is about 6 or 7 loops ready to
  10. Unless I'm actually PLANNING on doing a show or some tricks for someone, this is what I always bring:

    ~Blue master's deck.

    ~Cell phone.





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    I just carry several decks of cards, one in each pocket, so switching between them is simultaneous. When I carry my red bicycle deck, I bring a svengali, and a stripper deck with me. Other times with my blue bicycle deck, I bring a invisible, and gaff deck with me. A deck shell, sometimes, helps too. Also bringing some clothes helps control and keep the audience calm. :D

  12. 1.Deck of Cards

    2.My business card holder which contains 20 or so business cards, WOW, Entourage, 2 card Monte gaffs, and business cards of people I might need to contact that week (and keep in mind that the thickness of the business card holder doesn't exceed the thickness of a deck of cards even with all of that in there).

    3. Cell phone

    4. Pen

    5. Cash

    With the above I can go anywhere and always be ready to land a gig, get food, and contact anyone who needs contacting.

    ~Magically Dave
  13. Do all of you honestly carry this with you at all times, or are you using this thread to show off your collection?

    I don't carry ANYTHING with me unless I plan to perform.

    If there's a chance I might introduce magic, which is more often than not, I'll maybe take along a card wallet with a packet trick, like Strange Traveler, or Twisted Sisters. I'll bring along a regular deck, maybe set up for an ace production, or for Revolver. I might bring along an extra deck, like ID or Fadeout, or a 3 card monte set up. I can borrow bills and coins for the rest.

    Real shows are a different story.

    PS: I almost forgot Pen through dollar, and puncture.
  14. depends, if im wearing jeans

    front left pckt- deck/invisible deck. fraud dollar (normaly i wouldnt say that but som1 already did and theres no mods on this site so it doesnt matter ne more)

    front right pckt- cell phone, specialy folded dollar bill for a non bill switch trick( some of you who shop at E no what im talking about) sharpie

    back right- Wallet, with silver dollars in it. at least 5 or 6 cards from a one way forcing deck that can be destroyed.

    back left- post it notes/buisness cards

    wrists- loops

    shoes- sts

    if shorts with like alot of pockets

    front bottom left, trace unseen deck, invisible deck, blank out deck,

    front bottom right- black tiger deck (for loop tricks) masters deck, folded dollar bill for non bill switch trick, possibly a pre aranged deck for a trick that requiers it, wiregram

    front top right, cell phone sharpie

    front top left, iPod/fraud dollars

    back right, wallet

    wrists, loops

    shoes, animated shoelaces
  15. wallet
    deck of cards
    a gimmick of my moving pips my version
    personal card ( in wallet)
    somtimes i carry publix bags just incase it rains i put them around my sexy jordans sounds wierd but it protects the j's
  16. All I carry is a deck of cards.
  17. Some cards a sharpie and some coins...

    All you need :D
  18. If i'm at home then no. i ust carry a pack of cards.

    But usually i carry alll that stuff.

    Always ready
  19. A loop
    deck of cards w/ one duplicate
    black sharpie
    try to keep some spare change on me...SOMETIMES with a prepared quarter amongst it so I can do The Closer

    That's about it on most days. Occasionally if I know I'll be around people who may be interested in seeing something I'll add a thing or two to the list, but in general, that's about it...and when I say I "carry" a deck of cards, I actually keep'em in my car. If it's 100% spur of the moment without time to go get'em, I stick with coin routines for the most part.

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