What is "YOUR" favorite effect to perform

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  1. All of us who do magic have effects than are an audience favorite. But I was just wondering what is your personal favorite effect to do. I personally would have to say french kiss because it's so easy and is executed all about how one presents it. So, what's your personal favorite effect to perform?
  2. Out of this world, specifically Galaxy by Paul Harris, its just so clean looking and hard hitting, plus with a small patter adjustment you can do the set up right in front of the spectators and it becomes totally impromptu.
  3. PK Touches because of the impact it causes. Followed by coin bends for the same reason.
  4. I also, love performing Out of this World. It always leaves the person speechless. I really like Lennart Green's version, Index Red and Black because it is super fun to do and it involves me getting just as involved, making the routine not boring.
  5. My favorite has to be DnD's Subway. Although I use a different presentation for the trick instead of: just saying "disappears from here" and "appears there"
  6. Hmmm, it's almost impossible to narrow it down to just one. But let's say Twilight Angels by Paul Harris.
  7. Any triumph routine, the one I use most is probably iTriumph by josh brand.
  8. Twilight Angels if it's for one person.

    Brainwave or Thought of card in Pocket/wallet.
  9. Linking Finger Rings for stage.

    Coin Bend for close-up.
  10. Coin bends are very powerful, I've only ever done it 3 times though, I don't know why though.
    I love doing cold reading and serial killer, an effect I created where the spectator guesses whose dead and whose alive from a series of photos. :)
  11. Wow! That sounds a lot like Derren Brown's "The Undertaker" haha. Sorry buddy, don't think you can pull that one over on us.
  12. Depends on situation really..I use Modern Triumph as my closer, another effect I havent released yet which is a Torn and Restored bill as my opener and In walk around my go to usually do a Variation of Omni Deck.

    Other then my own material, Im a huge fan of Extreme Burn, and lately have been playing with Key Deposit by Sankey.

    Hope these help!
  13. A living dead test has been around for a long time. It was not invented by Derren Brown by any means.
  14. Sorry, didn't really check my sources. Anyway, neither of them invented the routine. So we'll just leave it at that.
  15. Just because he wasn't the first doesn't mean he didn't invent it. Credit where credit is due, if he came up with a routine that he didn't learn directly from someone, he invented it. He just may not be the first one to have invented it (and it's likely he wasn't, honestly).

    Maybe in the future you should make sure you're right before trying to call someone out.
  16. How are the reactions? ;)
  17. I love performing Daniel Garcia's 'Timeline 2.0.' The reactions are consistently great. Also, you feel like
    a total boss pulling off the first sleight, since it's pretty ballsy.
  18. Following your train on PK Touches, one of my favorite effects to perform is a variation of that effect. I have a bracelet from Haiti made of teeth that I use to create sensations on the spectator's body it's really hard hitting, especially to people who respond well to NLP. There's nothing like finding someone who's just super suggestible.
  19. I have to agree with you.. French Kiss is my go to, my favorite. Gets great reactions every, single, time. Plus, it is extremely clean; the only time I have ever been caught was when someone dropped "their card", bent down to pick it up, and looked up at precisely the wrong moment and saw their card in my hand as I was folding it.

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